NASCAR: What Was He Thinking?

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NASCAR: What Was He Thinking?
(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Have you ever wanted to grab your favorite athlete by the shirt collar and ask him: "What were you thinking?" 

Well, there were quite a few things that happened at Texas Motor Speedway that made me want to do just that!

Let me start with Kyle Busch vs. John Andretti. Busch, what were you thinking? 

I know, someone gets in your way, you go through them, and that's why I love watching you drive.

But trying to knock Andretti out of the way and tearing up your own car in the process? Was it really worth it?

You had the faster car, you could have easily passed him.

While I'm on the subject of Busch, another thing I want to know is, what are you thinking with those giant, ugly sunglasses? 

It makes one wonder if your parents own a Sunglass Hut in the Las Vegas Mall. 

Seriously, though, I know Electric is one of your sponsors, but could I suggest a different model of glasses? Perhaps the Bullitt? Now those are some nice shades!

Once again, while I'm on the subject of fashion faux pas, can I ask Jeff Hammond, what were you thinking with that cowboy outfit? 

We all know you're a real rodeo cowboy, but seriously, you looked like something out of an old Roy Rogers' flick...and not in the good way!

In the words of Chris Myers, "I kid because I care." 

Seriously, Busch, you are my favorite driver, and Hammond, you are my favorite Fox broadcaster, but please, next time, think before you act (or dress!)

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