Stay Classy Toronto: Can't We Just Use Common Sense?

David AllanCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

WASHINGTON - FEBRUARY 27:  U.S. President Barack Obama (C) sips a beer while watching an NBA (National Basketball Association) game between the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards on February 27, 2009 at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images)

Stay Classy Toronto.

Tonight I was both impressed and embarrassed at the same time.

This is the first year in several that I have missed the home opener at the Rogers Centre. I usually go, I mean it’s the only night of the year that you are guaranteed that the cavernous bowl of the Former Skydome will be full.

Opening night is teaming with life, upwards of 50,000 strong. Only to be followed by a predictable 15-20 the next night.

There have been exceptions, like last year when they are opened up with the Sox on a Friday. The weekend drew great crowds all three nights and then lost momentum shortly there after.

I had heard some complaints that the Jays would not be selling adult beverages up in the 500 levels. Apparently “those people” are more likely to get out of hand than the rest of the stadium. Then tonight happened., but first let me display my outrage.

That my friend is economic profiling, and I won't stand for it! What I find most laughable about this situation is that the guy in the 500 level that pays $5.00 a ticket is having revoked his ability to purchase a beer because he is clearly a drunk Yahoo according the social scientist over at the Jay’s organization. (Wait a minute wasn’t that group deemed expendable in these tough economic times? I’d have thought they would’ve been the first layoffs.)

But the guy in the $5.00 200 level outfield seats is a civil and refined human being that shall not cause but a breath of controversy. Don’t get me started on the prim and proper upstanding Blue Jays fans in the $16.00 100 level seats directly behind the bullpen, a more gentile lot you’ll be hard pressed to find.

That leads me to the Judges, Doctors and all around good guys, paying a hefty $25 a seat to sit in the field level baseline seats. (what do you mean the average baseball fan can afford a $25.00? I am pretty sure anyone that can afford anything more than $5.00 is a member of the upper class.

At least that’s what the Jay’s are telling me. (A better cut of individual you know.) Although some of those Gentlemen may have even graduated to high society and paid the $34.00 a ticket for the field level seats at the bag.

There is no way that anyone what could afford a seat for more than $5 would ever abuse the privilege of having an adult beverage or two at the game right?

Well since the Blue Jays are so smart, and have obviously have done and in depth socio-economic study to come up with these results. (By the way, I am sure they got this information from someone in a lab coat, so it must be true.)

Maybe they can tell me how these “dirt poor drunken yahoo’s” as they portray them are supposed to be able to crack open their wallet to power back a half dozen brewski’s at $12 a pop?

I understand that crowd control at a Jay’s game is only geared for the 25 people that normally show up. I’m pretty sure when you enter the building for a Tuesday series vs, the Orioles this year the give away will be your own personal security guard assigned to sit beside you. (If it’s the Royals you may even get two.)

I don’t know about you but doesn’t it stand to reason that the guy that can afford a $40 or $50 ticket would be the guy that is more of danger. I mean actually has the cash flow available to pay for these party prices.

Just for good measure a couple of baseballs were thrown on the field along with tons of other debris from the $16.00 and $25.00 per seat crowd.  Enough in fact that Jim Leyland ordered his team off the field with the Jays batting in the 8th inning with a seven run lead.

The game then incurred a 10 minute delay that ended with the public address announcer informing fans that if this behavior continued that the game would be called as a result of a forfeit.

As I stated earlier, I am embarrassed as I would’ve never thought it imaginable that a seat that at $25 could only be purchased by the well to do high society types could be infiltrated by what was clearly one of those “$5” Hobo’s that was probably riding the next boxcar to Cleveland straight after the game.

But as I said earlier, I am also impressed. Toronto stood up and with its unified voice clearly stated. We won’t let our stupidity be effected by our financial situation. We can be uncivil no matter where we sit, no matter how much money we make, and no matter what you make us pay for a ticket.

We the fans have spoken, and out message is loud and clear, “No matter what you do, no matter who you deny, we are united, we will prove that you can’t legislate the stupidity out of the building, if you want to take the beer sales out of the 500 level, the 100 level will pick up the slack, silence us? Stop someone from getting drunk and ridiculous? You may control which group gets out of hand, but not to let us exercise our God given right to make a complete Jack Ass of ourselves? Not in our House, not onopening night!"

Way to stand up for yourself Jays fan, way to show them no matter how many beer vendors they shut down, some one is always stupid enough to pick up the ball and run with it, and potentially even throw it on the field and almost cost your team a game they are leading by 7 runs with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 8th.

If the President can knock back a cold one at the game without getting out of hand, why can’t you?

I would understand if you closed down the beer stands, but you chose to deny one group of paying customers the same access as another that paid the same aboumt of money?

This makes zero sense to me, I think I need a Beer!