Dave Batista Is Back On Raw

lee raydeanCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

On tonight's Raw, President and CEO of the WWE, placed himself in a match against Randy Orton that was to take place as the main event, only after Vince made a match pinning hisself, Triple H and Shane McMahon in a six man tag team match at Backlash with Orton, Rhodes and Dibiase as their opponents.

As the main event started it seemed like Vince was going to do some damage to Randy, but to my dismay, it was short lived. Orton was punishing Vince and Of course Orton thought he was going to punt Mr. McMahon in the head again but much to his surprise, Shane McMahon jumped in before Randy could do anymore damage.

Soon after, Orton's sidekicks Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase JR, weren't far behind Shane. Triple H, headed for the ring as well. All hell broke loose after that. The three amigos ganged up on Triple H and started pummeling him.

Out of nowhere, a familiar song plays and everyone is in shock as Dave Batista comes out. Randy's jaw dropped to the floor. For once, he was speechless. The crowd goes crazy as he jumps into the squared circle and spears Orton.

Bodies are flung everywhere and Rhodes is left in the ring alone with Batista. The Batista Bomb is inevitable. Rhodes can't escape and gets what is coming to him.

Mr. McMahon makes an announcement and says that he won't be making it to Backlash but, in his place will be Dave Batista. Maybe at Backlash, Triple H, Shane and Batista will finally shut Randy Orton's and his little posse known as Legacy's mouths shut for good.

I know, that many fans, I for one, have no love for Orton, but he is a good wrestler, but I honestly think he's finally going to get a punishment that is long over due. You would think that he would've learned a lesson after the beat down he recieved from Triple H at Wrestlemania 25.

What's it going to take or rather who is it going to take to close the legend killer's mouth? In my opinion, it'll be Batista.