Boston Celtics, Kevin Garnett Send Message Loud and Clear

Zachary ColeCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2008

Kevin Garnett let out a ferocious roar to the skies of Boston on Friday night. But to whom in particular was this roar directed?

It could have been to the New Orleans Hornets' fanbase, who probably believed they had a chance of hanging with the Celtics on the Boston home court.

It could have been to the team's faithful, who have stood by the Celtics this season, watching the revitalization of a proud franchise.

It could have been directed toward everyone who doubted the Celtics' ability to persevere through injury, age, and a lineup headlining three superstar egos.

But if you ask me, Garnett was sending a message to the entire league. Fresh off a 20-point blowout of the West-leading Hornets, the Celtics feel that they can take on anyone in the league.
And they have. With this win, Boston has now conquered each team in the league at least once.
As I have said all season long, the key to the Celtics' success is selfless play and a dependency on a defense that has left them with the number one defensive rating in the league.
Veteran leadership has ignited the season as well. The Boston players are smarter and more savvy than before, and have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to stop even the most dangerous of players.
Yes, that includes you, Chris Paul. Although going for 20-plus points and recording double digit assists for the 11th time in 12 games, the young point guard (who many include in contention for this year's MVP) could not topple the mighty Celtics on their home floor.
This is not to take anything away from Paul or the Hornets who are having a tremendous season of their own, but with a 20-point win the Celtics are striking fear into the hearts of the top NBA franchises.
So Kevin Garnett, go ahead and yell. Let yourself be heard by those who will acknowledge your terrific season and winning percentage—the Celtics WILL win 60-plus games this year—yet refuse to put you into the race for the MVP.
You will just have to settle for a Finals MVP and a nice fat ring on your finger. Enjoy.