Surviving The White Sox Postponed Season Opener

Josh WarrenCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

CHICAGO - OCTOBER 06:  Jermaine Dye #23 of the Chicago White Sox looks on dejected along from the dugout in the ninth inning against the Tampa Bay Rays in Game Four of the ALDS during the 2008 MLB Playoffs at U.S. Cellular Field on October 6, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. The Rays won 6-2.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Fellow White Sox fans, REJOICE!

This is how I wanted to start this article. I was rearing to go, ready to pump out another year of game recaps, and start it off on the right foot with the lefty Mark Buehrle taking the mound.

Unfortunately, (or luckily, if you're crazy like me,) the state of Illinois has some odd weather patterns, and one of these is the phenomenon of snow in April.

I guess, I shouldn't call it a phenomenon, though, since this actually seems to be a pretty common event for those of us near Chicago, even though we're technically in the swing of spring.

There's no need to fear, though! Being the courteous writer that I am, I devised a few methods to burn off the time for the next White Sox postponed game, as I'm sure we'll be having at least a few more as the year goes on. Lets hope not, but...hey, what can you do?

If anyone is curious as to why these came out so late, it's simply because I decided I should test them so that you might avoid any negative results coming from your leisurely activities. But, without further a do...

Here's a few activities you might want to try during the next snow out, or rain delay!


1. Playing Catch With a Video Rocker.

Desperation Level: 3/10.

To actually attempt to play catch with a chair, one might think you to be pretty desperate for the season to start, but because we've been waiting, through all of spring training, for a real baseball game, it's fair to cut someone a little slack if they try this.

Pros: If you have ever sat in a video game rocker, you'll find that they're often as tall as the top of a major league strike zone, or at least near to it, and they handle the force of a baseball remarkably well.

Cons: If you get too complacent, you'll miss the chair completely, and have to explain that baseball sized hole in the wall to your friends and roommates, who will undoubtedly be pissed off at you.


2. Watch Another Team Play Baseball.

Desperation Level: Varies by team watched.

If you live in an area that has enough major market teams nearby, it's likely that you'll catch another team on a national sports channel. Of course, if you already get those channels, you're set, unless the only other team available happens to be your least favorite one.

Pros: You still get to see a baseball game.

Cons: It might also get rained out, the game may be horribly boring, or you could be stuck watching the Cubs.


3. Play a Baseball Related Video Game

Desperation Level: 1/10.

Some people do this for fun. Since I don't own any new enough consoles to really have a concern about it, it's hard to consider it a desperate thing. Wii Baseball is great, but you don't have any actual teams on it, and that kind of kills the emulation of playing as your favorite team; in this case, the White Sox.

Pros: Anyone can do it, though the amount of fun does depend on your skill level.

Cons: Regardless of skill level, Ken Griffey Jr's. Winning Run is an incredibly difficult game, and may result in a broken computer screen.


4. Argue with a Cubs Fan About Baseball

Desperation Level: 10/10.

From personal experience, I find this to be one of the most harrowing trials a Sox fan ever has to undergo, because a Cubs fan simply doesn't listen. I've had baseball discussions and arguments with Yankees fans that I enjoyed far more.

Pros: If you're lucky, you'll find a civilized Cubs fan who will admit when he's been beaten in an argument, and the two of you can go about your lives.

Cons: This has happened to me once, and only once. It's easier survive jumping off the Sears Tower than it is to get a Cubs fan to admit they're wrong.


5. Write an Article About How Bored You Are

Desperation Level: 7/10.

I think that the desperation level might be a little bit high, but at least writing is a generally productive thing to do, and it keeps you fresh so that when there are games to recap, you can be ready to go. Beyond that, it makes for a humorous little article, when all is said and done.

Pros: It takes up time, just like it's supposed to.

Cons: Some people who read it will think you're a little bit crazy.

Hopefully these five ideas will give people a better insight into some not-so-conventional ways to cure their boredom while waiting for the White Sox to finally play their home opener.

Lets hope that the weather stays clear so I can write you guys a real game recap tomorrow!



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