20 Teams You Almost Feel Sorry for

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20 Teams You Almost Feel Sorry for
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Sympathizing with the enemy is not in the DNA of sports.

Fans and players alike are, at their core, haters—even if we let friends from across enemy lines come over to watch the game.

Respect and tolerance are different than sympathy.

This demarcation line is a key element of why sports are awesome and why emotions run so deep that the drama of a game can make a fan's heart stop or spark a massive riot. To wander down that path, where you wish for something other than loss after loss for the opposition, feels almost treacherous.

However, sometimes it's impossible to avoid at least a tiny kernel of sympathy for those teams that are either mired in mediocrity of historic proportions or fallen so far from greatness that each new low is almost too painful to watch...almost.

While may entertain a moment in the shoes of those teams fans, the sports genome is something too powerful to ignore—you may feel sorry for another team, but around the edges is a hint of satisfaction.

It's a shame how that team finds new and cruel ways to lose, but you can't help but feel a lingering sense of justice—even though it isn't fair.

These are 20 teams you can ALMOST feel sorry for—ranked from the least sympathetic to the most. 

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