Baltimore Orioles' Opening Day: Where All Fans Feel They Have a Chance

Joe M.Correspondent IIApril 6, 2009

BALTIMORE - APRIL 06:  Fans walk outside of Camden Yards before the game between the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees on April 6, 2009 at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

I'm not going to do this for 162 games, but Opening Day is the one day where every fan feels their team has a chance.

Yes even Pirates fans, who saw their team rally today.

If history is anything, I expect the Pirates to get off to a 12-6 or 15-9 "surprising" start only to see them fall like the always do when the season really gets going (i.e May).


The Good:

Hitting: Any time you score ten runs in a game is a good thing, especially if you end up winning as the O's did.

A+: Roberts and 21-year-old Jones reached base what, nine or ten times? They table-sat all day which allowed the other O's to do what they could. Thanks Bill Bravasi.

An honorable mention goes to Izturis for his defensive play, but also for his Jeffrey Maier-esque HR which passed Damon in left field in the four-run eighth which began the scoring. He could be a long awaited x-factor here.

Most people say good defense saves many a run and fans will tell you that "we lost so many games by 1-2 runs, if only we had them back." This is where I see him making a difference where one is sorely lacking.

B: Gutherie. 6 IP, 3R, 3SO, 3BB. Nothing special, but he held it down.

Good games from Markakis and Huff here too.

I think 25-year-old Jim Johnson will be key this season. He's got good stuff. Hopefully Trembley and Co. don't burn him out too early.


The Bad:

D: The bullpen. Was it just me, or did you think the longer the game went, the more likely the O's were going to give up the lead? Had the game gone much longer, especially before that eighth, chances are good the momentum would have shifted.

Sarfate did good, especially when you consider his early 2-0 first batter and signs of wildness. Ray did awful and started the worrying for me. He really needs to get it together or it will be a long year, longer than even we O's fans anticipate.

Was Mora hurt sliding into home in the fifth? They mentioned how he couldn't make it home on Huff's double in the eighth. I hope its not too bad. That slide home was a typical O's player trying to do too much. They need to take what comes to them or again it will be a long season.

Walker looked very shaky, similar to Ray. Not good. What is the latest on Baez? Hopefully he's gone.


Turning Point

MVP: Cesar Izturis. With the score 6-5 in the seventh and two outs, "the Captain" (what does that even mean? I know its a "Yankee thing" dating back to Gehrig, Mantle etc. but who cares about their history. It's just a wannabe title to add to his lore) Jeter sends a shot passed Jeremy Guthrie.

Guthrie misses it, but Izturis stops it from going into center for a sure RBI. Xavier "wrong way" Nady gets caught too far off third and its easily thrown out.

Typical Yankees. They get a pitcher that can't win in April (0-3 last year) in Sabathia and is horrible in October. Not a good combination if you ask me.

The O's are a great April-May team, horrid in August-September.

Traitor Tex looked lost to me leaving several of his hired-gun teammates in scoring position all night. Oh, to have Jason Giambi and Bobby Abreu anyone? (that's 196 lost RBIs any way you look at it).

Today's crowd of 48,607 was the largest in Camden Yards history as noted by ESPN's Jon Miller. The loss snapped a four game Opening Day win streak for the Bombers.

Keep it up O's fans. When any rival comes to your house, you have to make those three days a living Hell and make them fell that that is the last place they ever want to travel. Don't let up and please, show up if you can.

Tomorrow is key. Where do you go from here? Was today an aberration?

Anything less than two or three wins in this series will be a failure. Want to really make a statement? Sweep the Yanks. That would get MLB talking.