Yankees-Orioles: I thought Sabathia was Disgraceful

Sean SerritellaCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

TAMPA, FL - APRIL 01:  Catcher Jorge Posada #20 talks with pitcher CC Sabathia #52 of the New York Yankees during play against the Philadelphia Phillies at George Steinbrenner Field April 1, 2009 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

The New York Yankees lost to the Baltimore Orioles Monday by a score of 10-5.

I like the way the Yankees started out playing the game. They started with small ball. It was great to see. Gardner singled and then went to third on a base hit by Derek Jeter. Then Johnny Damon drove Gardner in with a sacrifice fly. That was just so awesome to witness.

Then it fell apart with the Yankees' pitching which is supposed to hold fort until A-Rod gets back.

C.C. Sabathia was terrible. He threw a lot of balls in this outing and it was frustrating watching him pitch. He walked the last batter he faced to force in a run. Six earned runs is not what I had in mind. He got the loss.

Phil Coke was not good. He gave up a two run home run that pushed the Orioles over the top. He was very good last year and in the spring this year. Coke should bounce back.

Derek Jeter did pretty well. He collected three hits but it didn't amount to any runs.

Jorge Posada hit a nice home run that got the Yankees closer.

Hideki Matsui hit a home run and I felt bad because I didn't start him in fantasy baseball.

Mark Teixeira was not good. He went went 0-for-4. He left five men on base and didn't come through in the clutch like fans of Texas warned me about. We'll have to wait and see if they are right.

Disgraceful Player of the Game: C.C. Sabathia

The Yankees gave you $160 million to be their "ace." You walked around the clubhouse like you thought who you were in spring, trying to teach the younger pitchers a thing or two. You're the big-ticket free agent that came here with high expectations. Everyone loves you. You are our new hero and you are supposed to help take us to the World Series and help us slay the mighty Red Sox on the way.

You make $23 million a year. You go out and pitch against a pitcher that makes $770,000 a year. And what do you do?

You walk every batter in sight, you give up six earned runs on eight hits and can't even make it out of the fifth inning.

Not only is that a disgrace... but a nightmare.

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