My Personal Breakdown of Wrestlemania 25 and Where We Go From Here

Brian WinkerContributor IApril 7, 2009

Ok so in my personal opinion last nights Wrestlemania wasn't as great as it could've been. I mean it just lacked that special click of the night.

But let's break it down match by match.

Dark Match: The Colon's def. Miz & Morrison to unify the Tag team Titles in a Lumberjack match.

Breakdown: Ok, first a big WTF...why was this not on the main card. It would've been a very nice match to see but whatever...and now with the Colon's as the Undisputed Tag Team Champions...

Future: I see them face Miz & Morrison again in a rematch and sucessfully defending them...then getting involved in a fued with Legacy's Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes...but I don't see the Colon's holding on to the titles very long

MITB: CM Punk def. Kane, Kofi Kingston, Christian, Mark Henry, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Finlay

Breakdown: Why give in to Punk again why not give it to a superstar who's ready for a big push like Christian or Shelton Benjamin...Benjamin has been in almost every single MITB and still hasn't gotten a win and he could be main event status if wwe would take a chance with him.

And Christian is ready for a world title push the fans want to see it because we know what he can do.

Future: Well Punk will prolly do the same thing almost like he did last year and he will take it from someone...or he'll lose it to some one more worthy.

Santina Marella def. 24 Current and past WWE Diva's to be crowned Miss Wrestlemania

Breakdown: Right when I saw him in drag I knew he was going to win and who could blame them, at least it added some humor to the show

Future: Possibly Santino trying to get a women's title shot for his twin sister.

Chris Jericho def. "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, & Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

Breakdown: It was really good to see Chris Jericho win this match it gave him so much more heat and i was surprised to see Steamboat still had it in him. I was a little disappointed that Stone Cold Steve Austin didn't interfere at all, but I was glad Jericho won.

What pissed me off was the fact that three legends couldn't beat Jericho but he went down with one punch from Rourke.

Future: I forsee a possible match between Jericho and Rourke and then Jericho moving on to a World title... or with the draft he goes to smackdown and gets in a fued with Undertaker.

Matt Hardy def. Jeff hardy in an Extreme Rulz Match

Breakdown: Had everything I expected it too. Jeff doing Extreme Things and Matt Hardy showing he can get extreme to get the win.

That Twist of fate at the end was Wicked and it was prolly the 3rd or 4th best match of the night.

Future: With Matt getting the win, I see this fued continuing...and possibly getting more personal, but Matt doing something to make Jeff's life worse.

Rey Mysterio def. JBL for the Intercontinental Championship

Breakdown: I loved Mysterio's Mask i was uber jelous of it.But for this to be JBL's last match in WWE he could've recieved a better send off that's what kind of pissed me off is that in 21 seconds JBL's Last match was over and he was honestly one of the better heel's on the mic

Future: With Smackdown's Latino audience hurting since Mysterio is most likely being drafted to Smackdown and probably taking the IC Title With him

The Undertaker def. Shawn Micheals

Breakdown: By far the most exciting Match of the Night. It was great to see two of the greatest go head to head and even though I was sure that Taker would win i was still on the edge of my seat when Micheals hit Sweet Chin Music.

The Classic Taker over the top rope thing was quite scary as he nearly killed the Cameraman but the streak was still in tact and the ending was phenominal with Taker catching Micheals and Tombstoning him to go 17 and 0.

Future: I forsee a rematch between the two at Backlash and from their the sky's the limit.

John Cena def. Edge & The Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship

Breakdown: Predictable, boring and just not a Wrestlemania par match up and vince just had to throw in Cena winning in old Superhero fasion

Future: Cean will possibly get drafted to Smackdown with HHH coming to Raw to continue his fued with Orton and who know's what'll happen.

Triple H def. Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship

Breakdown: It was an exciting match and very nice except for the 10 min. beatdown of orton at the end. They could've at least made it a dog fight and HHH just happens to get the upperhand. And what was with the RKO and Pedigree right in the was weird.

And the lack of interference when the ref was down was totally unbelievable and the only reason I feel that HHH won is because if Orton won the fued would pretty much be over and that HHH is married to the Boss's Daughter.

Future: HHH is gettin drafted to RAW and their continuing their fued with the possibilty of Orton winning it in a Higher profile match (I.e. Last Man standing, Hell in a Cell, Ironman) and then they'll move on to bigger things

All in all i give Wrestlemania 25 a 7 out of 10 with the Top Matchs Being

  1. Taker vs. HBK
  2. HHH vs. Randy Orton
  3. Matt vs. Jeff

I was slightly disappointed by the lack of blood at WM as well...almost always someone gets busted open..but the future will show us what their plans are after this years WM.

Peace out WWE Universe

"BW" Brian Winker


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