CM Punk: Why His Straight-Edge Lifestyle Will Lead to a Match with Steve Austin

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CM Punk and his refusal to drink any alcohol or partake in any substance abuse at all will ultimately lead to the dream match with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

CM Punk’s gimmick was based on his straight-edge lifestyle from the moment he began wrestling until he began demanding respect. Recently, he hasn’t mentioned the gimmick as much as he has been demanding respect from Superstars, announcers and even fans as well.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s gimmick didn’t begin as he became a beer-drinking S.O.B. at the height of his popularity. After being introduced as the Ringmaster, Austin soon became Stone Cold and would have beers thrown to him in the ring to celebrate.

The storyline between the two writes for itself. Austin encouraged fans to drink alcohol for years in the 1990s and early 2000s, while Punk berates fans for being alcoholics.

Punk’s straight-edge lifestyle will lead to the dream match that many have been waiting for with Austin.

It is a match that will hopefully happen, and when it does, it should be at WrestleMania. Punk and Austin could incorporate their opposing gimmicks into the match. If Punk wins, Austin has to go to Alcoholics Anonymous. This could lead to some entertaining segments at the same level as Team Hell No’s anger management.

If Austin wins, Punk wouldn’t agree to drink any beer. However, perhaps Punk would be dunked in a beer bath. Another option would be having Austin hose Punk with beer as he did to Vince McMahon and The Rock in the famous segment from Raw.

Punk and Austin have had some interactions on WWE TV and also joined good old Jim Ross for an interview promoting WWE ’13.

On WWE TV, during the 900th episode of Raw, Punk tricked all the fans in attendance and the millions watching at home. Austin’s music hit with his video package on the Titan Tron, but it was Punk proving a point about the Straight Edge Society. The SES was showing how WWE used to be with the beer-drinking Superstars like Austin.

In June 2011, Austin showed up on Raw with Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine. While sharing a beer with Leavine, Punk showed up. Austin and Punk had a great back-and-forth with Stone Cold offering Punk a beer. Only a couple of weeks later, Punk wore Austin’s T-shirt while delivering his famous pipebomb promo.

As mentioned before, Punk and Austin also joined Jim Ross to discuss the WWE ’13 video game. They heavily teased a match between the two. It seems inevitable when Austin is healthy enough and the scheduling works out.

Austin has been unable to appear for WWE both at Raw 1000 and the 20th anniversary for these reasons.

Whatever the case may be, Austin and Punk needs to happen. Not only because of their main event level status among the greats in WWE. Not only because of the various interactions and teases from them over the years. But also because their gimmicks scream a match between them. The Straight Edge Savior versus the Beer Guzzling Redneck.





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