Anaheim Ducks Show What Little Class They Have In 3-2 Loss to San Jose

Danny PenzaSenior Writer IApril 6, 2009

Whether you win or lose, you're supposed to show respect for your opponent and the game.

Monday's game between the San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks at Honda Center in The OC showed how little class the Ducks have.

However, some people apprently missed the message.

In case you missed it, in the closing seconds of the game, Ducks forward Corey Perry could've been charged for reckless violence, let alone a penalty.

With Sharks defender Marc-Edouard Vlasic defenseless on the ice and the puck right near his dome, Perry felt the need not only to try and win it for his team, but also pretend his stick was a hammer and Vlasic's head was a nail.

Perry's little adventure wasn't over quite yet.

As the final horn sounded, Perry conculded his 60 seconds of idiocracy by not only taking the legs from under Sharks netminder Brian Boucher, but also stomping the guy while he was down.

Last time I checked, that wasn't actually legal.

Yet the Ducks fans thought that at some point in all of this, it was the Sharks to blame for hell breaking lose.

Oh I'm sorry, I forgot that Bocuher getting pounded into the ground was his fault.

That wasn't the only thing.

How about Chris Pronger's numerous cross checks into the back of Jonathan Cheechoo and Joe Pavelski?

Pronger is a bully and anybody who follows hockey knows that. It was only fitting that the game-winner was scored while he was in the penalty box.

Quite ironic is it not?

By no means were the Sharks alter boys during the chaos at the final horn. Vlasic went after Ryan Getzlaf, something that the baby-faced defenseman almost never does.

But you know what? If Perry hadn't gone after Boucher, it might have never happened.

Maybe this is just my view. I don't venture into the hockey world often on this site and I certainly am not the most knowledgable as some on here.

I know you have to be physical. The Ducks are a physical team and to beat them, you have to match their style of play.

What I do know, regardless of what sport it is, is how to carry oneself with a classy manner.

Hockey is so great in so many different ways. What Perry did was inexcusable and the NHL should, at the very least, fine him.

No need to complain Anaheim, you were the instigator to begin with. And if you do complain, like so many people seem to be, it shows what little you know about the game and how to conduct yourself.