More Santino, Please!

Daltonio AlexanderCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

I request the presence of Santino Marrella far more often.

Santino reminds me of the Rock, but in a comedic fashion. In his area of expertise, I believe him to be the best as a comedic character today. I am, however, not basing this analysis on his physical attributes and in-ring performance. I'm basing it off his amazing ability to entertain without the presence of noticeable repetition.

His actions during last night's Wrestlemania have been labeled by me as having been magnanimous in nature. I found it most intriguing how, regardless of his chosen apparel, his sense, and/or level of masculinity, didn't appear to be threatened in the least.

Santino is great!

This isn't simply my opinion, it is the opinion of many millions scattered across the planet. I'd never label any wrestler as being one of the best if I hadn't previously found factual justification.

In this case, the thought shouldn't even come into question.

No offense to Santino, but he isn't even remotely in the same league as superstars such as, The Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Randy Orton and others.

However, on the other hand, (I'm hoping not to contradict myself), he is most certainly  one of the most impressive entertainers.

Santino cares not for being belittled and/or demeaned.

His devotion to the ridiculous and absurd is what defines him as a recognizable individual who will hopefully remain entertaining for many years to come. All of the thoughts that I have expressed with the implications in their entirety are what have convinced me to have the desire to SEE MORE SANTINO.

All of what I have said are pretty much opinions, so please, I hope that no one is offended.

So please comment so that I will have the privilege of improving my writing in the near future.