WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: Brock Lesnar Must Interfere in CM Punk vs the Rock

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistFebruary 6, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Brock Lesnar has appeared on Raw for two consecutive weeks and made his presence felt as he has picked apart both Vince McMahon and The Miz. It remains unclear why he has decided to return to WWE, however. The perfect way to explain it would be for him to interfere in the Elimination Chamber main event between CM Punk and The Rock.

Most fans are wondering what the relationship between Lesnar and Punk is. There may not be one at all, but due to the fact that Paul Heyman manages both of them, they're bound to cross paths at some point. Punk came to the ring without Heyman on Monday and only mentioned him in passing. Whether or not that means he is moving on without Heyman is uncertain.

Although WWE has been known to drop angles without warning, I can't see Punk simply leaving Heyman behind without explanation. Their relationship has to be resolved or furthered in some way, and Lesnar will ultimately be the key. Since Punk will face The Rock for the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber, the perfect opportunity will be presented for Lesnar to get involved with Punk in some way.

Regardless of how the creative team books it, Lesnar interfering in the Elimination Chamber main event is a no-brainer. What Punk does at WrestleMania is obviously contingent on The Undertaker's status. While I can't envision Taker skipping WrestleMania, there are a lot of people out there who believe he will. Whatever the case, Lesnar's interference can set something up for 'Mania and beyond.

If The Undertaker isn't available for WrestleMania, then the smart money is on Punk facing The Rock and John Cena in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship. The only way to get Punk in that bout would be for him to beat The Rock for the title at Elimination Chamber. Since Cena has already declared that he is challenging for the WWE Championship and The Rock would receive an automatic rematch, a Triple Threat match would be the obvious solution.

An even better scenario, however, would be Lesnar botching the interference, which would allow The Rock to retain. If The Undertaker doesn't compete at WrestleMania, then this would obviously set up a match between Punk and Lesnar. Ideally there wouldn't be a defined face and the match would put Heyman on the line with the winner retaining his managerial services.

That would set up a ton of interesting subplots as either man could win, either could turn face and maybe we could even see Heyman spurn the winner in favor of the losers. If we don't get Punk vs. Taker, then Punk vs. Lesnar would be a great alternative based purely on the unpredictability surrounding it. 

The most likely angle, though, is Lesnar botching the interference, The Rock winning and something being set up between Punk and Lesnar beyond WrestleMania. Things can obviously change between now and 'Mania, but it seems pretty obvious that Lesnar will be facing Triple H. WWE probably has wiggle room if The Undertaker isn't an option, but Lesnar vs. Triple H and Punk vs. Taker appear to be penciled in if everything goes swimmingly moving forward.

The Lesnar incident would allow Punk to be on his own officially and he could continue to crow about being screwed out of the WWE Championship. Punk would then focus his attention on The Undertaker since there is a perception that beating Taker at WrestleMania is bigger than any title. The Phenom won't be sticking around after 'Mania, though, so it would allow Punk to immediately transition into a feud with Lesnar afterward.

Lesnar is going to be a part of Elimination Chamber in some capacity, and interjecting himself into the Punk vs. Rock match creates several avenues for himself and Punk. It would also explain the relationship between Lesnar and Punk, resolve Punk's status with regards to the WWE Championship, set up his WrestleMania match and possibly set up matches beyond that.

I simply can't imagine that Punk vs. The Rock will end cleanly, and rather than seeing The Shield again, or someone like Brad Maddox, the WWE should go for the gusto by involving Lesnar. Whether he successfully helps Punk, accidentally costs him or purposely screws him over, it would make for some intriguing storylines down the line.


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