Tennessee Breaks out Their Own Fax Girl in Grand Tradition Started by Alabama

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 6, 2013

Photo Credit: Busted Coverage
Photo Credit: Busted Coverage

The madness of National Signing Day has a proud tradition that fans go crazy over. The "Fax Girl" made famous by Alabama now seems to have made her way to Tennessee. 

Granted, every Fax Girl is different, but the spirit created a couple years ago by the Crimson Tide cheerleader who provided names to the big board on national signing day lives on. 

Here is a tweet from Busted Coverage proving the Tennessee Volunteers have picked up the baton and are running with it. 

For those uninitiated, let's take you back to the 2011 edition of national signing day, when Coed Magazine spotted some of these sights from a day that is something of a holiday for college football enthusiasts. 

That report also issued there were a couple of complaints from "2 or more unidentified SEC schools" over this Fax Girl. 

Because, you know, having cheerleaders on the field is perfectly fine, but not having them in the office retrieving faxes. 

Anyhow, we got another dose of Fax Girl, albeit not from the school, the following year. As Big Lead reported, BAMS Radio hired a woman to take names and place them on a board while a web cam ran, something college football fans apparently clamored for. 

The most recent national signing day is just as manic as past years, and features a Fax Girl, or two. 

Busted Coverage reported the Volunteers brought back the Fax Girl swag, but a Tennessee radio station turned it up a notch. 

According to the website, Tennessee Sports Radio hired a lingerie model to write names on a board at Calhoun’s BBQ. 

You can take a look at the live feed here

Wednesday was all about commitments, de-commitments and a wave of mass hysteria in between. 

It seems there is also a budding tradition that is beginning to spread across the nation. Soon, your favorite program may have a fax girl of their own. 

And what a wonderful world that would be. 

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