Rhodes Scholars: Why Breaking Up Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow Was Bad Move by WWE

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistFebruary 6, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

For the past few months, Team Rhodes Scholars has been the top contender for Team Hell No's Tag Team Championships. It seemed like it was only a matter of time before Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow would be adorned with those copper belts, but they have since decided to go their separate ways, and the tag team division will suffer because of it.

Although fans have mixed feelings when it comes to the current WWE product, I have found it to be enjoyable in recent weeks and months. One of the big reasons for that is the resurrection of the tag team scene. The WWE's current tag division obviously doesn't rival the golden ages of WWE tag team wrestling in the late 1980s and during the Attitude Era, but it is a major improvement compared to what we have been saddled with the past couple years.

Kane and Daniel Bryan are probably most responsible for the WWE's tag team renaissance, but Team Rhodes Scholars has played an important role as well.

While Kane and Bryan provide the star power, Rhodes and Sandow have been their main rivals for a significant amount of time. Team Hell No couldn't single-handedly reshape the tag team landscape, so Team Rhodes Scholars' contributions shouldn't be taken lightly.

As much as it may seem like the tag division suddenly has a ton of depth, that isn't necessarily the case with Rhodes and Sandow now pursuing their singles careers, according to their conversation with Booker T on SmackDown. Team Rhodes Scholars was always pushing Team Hell No to the brink, but aside from the pairing of Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, I'm not sure if there is a team on the current roster that can provide suitable competition.

Primo and Epico, The Usos and The Prime Time Players are good teams that should be given more time to shine, but I don't really see that happening. In addition to them, the WWE has 3MB, The Great Khali and Hornswoggle and perhaps the newly formed alliance of Brodus Clay and Tensai.

When it's laid out like that, it suddenly becomes apparent that losing Team Rhodes Scholars is a big blow.

Truth be told, I can't say that I understand the reasoning behind this move. Kane and Daniel Bryan make for a highly entertaining team, but it's blatantly obvious that they won't be together forever. There has been plenty of turmoil between them as of late, and if Kane is added to the Elimination Chamber match, then things could come to a head and lead to them breaking up in the very near future as well.

When you take both Team Rhodes Scholars and Team Hell No out of the equation, the tag team division is suddenly on very shaky ground. Mysterio and Sin Cara would likely be next in line to win the Tag Team Championships and take control of things, but the lack of competition is obvious. The Prime Time Players are entertaining and could assume the role of No. 1 heel team; however, the situation is murky at best after those two squads.

Additionally, I fail to see what Rhodes and Sandow are going to do as individuals.

Both of them are extremely talented and should excel as singles competitors at some point, but now just isn't the time. There is absolutely no room for either of them in the world title scene, and the midcard titles are currently being held by heels, so they don't factor in there, either.

A quick overview of WrestleMania shows that the main event matches will likely be The Rock vs. John Cena, CM Punk vs. The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H. That leaves room for seven more matches, at most, with four of them being occupied by titles that neither Rhodes nor Sandow will be in contention for.

I don't see how they factor into WrestleMania season on their own, but they could have easily been part of the Tag Team Championship match at 'Mania had they stayed together.

I always knew that Team Rhodes Scholars was a temporary duo, but the timing of their demise makes very little sense from a big-picture standpoint. Even if there was never any intention to give Rhodes and Sandow the Tag Team Championships, they could have simply broke up following WrestleMania. It would have been a logical move because now I'm at a loss regarding what the creative team should do with them.

If nothing else, I suppose it speaks to the depth of the current roster when there isn't room for two talented heels to flourish as individuals. Due to that depth when it comes to singles wrestling, however, the depth of the tag division is now bound to suffer. Hopefully the WWE has something up its sleeve with regard to new teams because the absence of Team Rhodes Scholars leaves an obvious hole that has to be filled.

Both Rhodes and Sandow have world title potential, but I believe that they would have benefited from a run with the Tag Team Championships, even if it was brief. Apparently, that wasn't in the cards for whatever reason. Maybe the WWE will surprise me, but I can't see Rhodes and Sandow being used as effectively as individuals between now and WrestleMania as they would have been together.


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