DeMarcus Cousins: Troubled Big Man Needs Veteran Presence to Gain Maturity

Mike MoraitisAnalyst IFebruary 6, 2013

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The latest episode of the DeMarcus Cousins saga just further proves the Sacramento Kings center needs a mentor.

Cousins was ejected during the Kings' loss to the Utah Jazz on Monday night after he took a shot at a referee's manhood, per Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee:

"He was saying, 'Don't talk to me,' " Cousins said. "So my response was, 'You don't have to act like an effing female.' I shouldn't have said that. That's about it."

With that, Foster tossed Cousins.

This isn't the first sign of immaturity on Cousins' part and it certainly won't be the last as long as he's a member of the Kings.

Earlier this season, Cousins was suspended by the team for a different reason, according to the Associated Press, per

DeMarcus Cousins was suspended indefinitely by the Sacramento Kings on Saturday for "unprofessional behavior and conduct detrimental to the team."

Cousins and Kings coach Keith Smart exchanged words in the locker room during halftime of Sacramento's 97-85 loss at the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday night. Smart benched Cousins for the entire second half and ordered him to remain in the locker room.

Based on the fact that he continuously hurts his team by taking himself off the floor and displays total disrespect for his coaches, it's abundantly clear that Cousins has nobody to look up to on this team.

And that isn't a surprise from where I'm sitting.

After all, the Kings are a young team with few veterans on the roster to keep Cousins in check. On top of that, the team's head coach, Keith Smart, isn't exactly an accomplished coach as far as career wins and losses are concerned (82-149).

Bottom line: Cousins doesn't have a single mentor who can get through to him, nor does he have anyone that understands his position as a star.

Now, you can chalk that up to bad luck in being unable to acquire such a player and/or coach, or you can blame it on management for not bringing one in. Clearly the current situation isn't working, yet Sacramento has done nothing to shake things up.

There is a possibility that this is just the way Cousins is and he will never change. But if he had a veteran on the roster who has won before and still knows how to win, then maybe Cousins will take the preaching more seriously and actually practice it.

Cousins needs somebody to challenge him, and while there's little doubt in my mind that his teammates and coach try, the young center's immense talent may lead him to question the viability of such a challenge coming from that unsuccessful bunch.

Losing has become the norm in Sacramento and that has got to be another thing pushing Cousins to behave in such a manner. Professional athletes can only lose for so long before frustration sets in, and Cousins has been dealing with such a scenario since he came into the league.

At this point, there's little hope that the Kings can do anything I've suggested. Even if there was a veteran out there who could mentor Cousins, the franchise is so bad that no veteran would want to spend their golden years with a perennial basement-dwelling team like the Kings.

In that instance, a change of scenery is absolutely necessary for him. Being traded to a team with a group of veterans and a winning coach will not only give him a great example to follow, but it will help take a ton of pressure off the big man's shoulders, which could lead to a toned down version of the player we've been seeing.

The only way to defeat immaturity is to surround yourself with mature people. The Kings are too young to fulfill that need for Cousins and unless something changes, the best thing for Cousins' career is to move on to a new team.

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