Players Dallas Cowboys Absolutely Must Re-Sign This Offseason

Jason Henry@thenprojectCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2013

Players Dallas Cowboys Absolutely Must Re-Sign This Offseason

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    If Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones watched the Super Bowl on Sunday night, he probably noticed a few things the Ravens and 49ers have that his team doesn't.

    The Niners have a strong defensive front, an electric offensive backfield, and a very rhapsodic head coach.

    Baltimore has an elite quarterback, an aging yet sturdy, but brittle defense, and oh yeah, a rhapsodic head coach.

    Outside of possibly getting rid of Jason Garrett as the team's leader for a possible fire brand as a replacement, Jones may want to start with re-signing a few players who a few other NFL teams would love to have on their roster.

    As we take the slow march toward the 2013 NFL season, here are a few players Jones should re-sign—if he wants a shot at what the Ravens did in 2012: Win the Super Bowl.

UFA: Anthony Spencer, LB

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    I’ll admit that I would be ok if Spencer was allowed to walk away from Valley Ranch this offseason. I’ll also admit that I would say that the Cowboys made a mistake in letting him go if, say, the Giants or Eagles signed him.

    Guess that’s why I’m the sportswriter and…well, you get it.

    Spencer’s price tag will be high, but because his production was so good in 2012, the Cowboys are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    I’m of the belief that Jones will hold on to Spencer because he has proven that he deserves to be paid like a top-shelf linebacker.

    But if he doesn’t, I don’t think you’ll find to many fans shedding tears of sorrow.

UFA: Kenyon Coleman, DL

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    Coleman's stat line in 2012 reads of a player who spent half of the year on injured reserve because that is exactly what Coleman did.

    He went out in November with a torn triceps, and he only recorded 22 tackles and a forced fumble.

    The Cowboys can do without him. With the addition of Monte Kiffin and his change to the 4-3 defensive scheme, Coleman becomes expendable.

    I believe the Cowboys should hold on to him because of their injury problems in 2012. Coleman would return for the veteran minimum and hold a spot on the bench until he's needed to fill-in.

UFA: Mike Jenkins, CB

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    I've always liked Mike Jenkins. I think that he's more valuable than people give him credit for: And at one point in his career, he was Pro Bowl caliber.

    If he returns to Dallas, he will not regain his featured spot back and continue to cover the slot position.

    But given the Cowboys history with injuries and their shaky defense, Jenkins should come back. Maybe I should say, the Cowboys should bring Jenkins back, but that's not likely to happen.

    Jenkins wants to start and prove that he is, indeed, a Pro Bowl cornerback. That's not going to happen in Dallas.

RFA: Phil Costa, C

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    Yeah, I know, Costa played in just one game in 2012, and that's not counting the series against the Giants in the season opener.

    Again—I return to the Cowboys inability to stay healthy and maintain stability on the offensive or defensive front.

    The Cowboys may be cashed strapped this offseason, and giving Costa a little over a million to keep him on the roster as a starter or as an insurance policy, is a small investment for a long-term payoff.

UFA: L.P. Ladouceur, LS

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    Can you remember the Cowboys having issues with the long snapper? Better yet, does anyone remember any of the long snaps?

    Why mess with what's going right? The snaps are going well, and Ladouceur seems to be liked. Why not keep him?

UFA: Charlie Peprah, S

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    Remember that Larry Lacewell, the former scouting director for the Cowboys, believes the Cowboys do not have the right safety on the current roster to run Kiffin's new scheme.

    Peprah started his season with the cowboys in early November, so giving him a chance in a new scheme would seem like a good idea.

    If there are issues at safety, why not give Peprah a chance to prove himself in training camp and during the preseason?