Are Jets Fans Giving Kellen Clemens A Fair Chance?

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Are Jets Fans Giving Kellen Clemens A Fair Chance?
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Many Jets fans are fighting for a new QB, But are we giving the current starter, Kellen Clemens a fair chance to prove himself?

I was like many Jets fans when I though if Kellen Clemens would be the starter for the 2009 season I thought the season would be over from the first snap.

Yes that could happen but I dont think that Jets fans are looking at the bright side of Kellen Clemens starting.

For example he could become a Franchise QB and lead the Jets for many years. Maybe its not the most likely scenario but Jets Fans are looking at the season like if Kellen Clemens starts the season is done.

His numbers in the 2007 are pretty brutal, but people forgot that he literally had no one blocking. He had a very high sack average a game. Who knows what he could do under a good line.

His record was 3-5 which seems pretty bad. But we can't forget that Chad went 1-7 under the same line and look where he is now. Also he could have gone 4-4 if Justin Mccariens could have caught two perfectly thrown passes to him in the endzone.

Also now that the defense is stacked Kellen Clemens doesn't have to be amazing to succeed.

Lets look at a few examples:

Kyle Orton in the 2005 season.

Kyle Orton was 31st in TD's thrown and 28th in yards. He also doesn’t even crack the top 32 in QB rating with 59.7 or in yards per game.

However, the Bears still managed to have a 11-5 record. This is because of there defense. The defense was first in points allowed, second in yards allowed, and second in interceptions.

Here is another example:

Joe Flacco

Flacco was decent, but not great this year. His 11-5 record makes him look like a great QB, but lets look at his stats: He ranked 30th in the league in passing yards per game, 22nd in QB Rating, 20th in completion percentage, and 20th in TD's thrown.

What got the Ravens to the playoffs and AFC championship was their defense. The defense was third in points allowed, second in yards allowed and first in interceptions.

Now let's look at the postseason. The Ravens only allowed 14 points per game, first among teams that played multiple games. Flacco only averaged 140 yards per game during the postseason, only threw for one touchdown, and three picks. And his QB rating was a lowly 50.8.

So what do I think should be done?

Bring In Byron Leftwhich.

I think we should bring in Byron in because It allows to test Kellen Clemens by not putting a sure starter but a potential starter. Also this way we have another decent option at QB. If the starting QB at the time does not succeed then we have two great backups to sub in.

Plus this way we can focus on WR needs when the draft comes around and not have to worry about drafting a QB.

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