Little Baby Shows Off Basketball Skills in Wonderful Trick-Shot Video

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 5, 2013

Throw it down, little man. 

This video (h/t Big Lead) is pretty much the most adorable trick-shot video you will ever see. Unless we see a trick-shot video of puppies throwing teddy bears into a box of kittens, of course.

As far as trick-shot videos go, this is pretty much par for the course, except, you know, there is a baby taking the shots, one that ranges between 18 and 24 months old in this video (via Sports Grid).

This kid reminds me of Dwight Howard at the free-throw line, adorably throwing the ball at the basket with the innocence of a child who has not yet failed. 

However, this toddler's shots go in. 

Stick around for the 2:16 mark when the kid shows off stacks and stacks of game tickets he won playing hoops at a Chuck E. Cheese's. 

Right after that, he drains shots from long distance while being locked down by some stifling defense from his older siblings. Even Kobe Bryant would think twice about taking such audacious shots. 

And then the baby drains a deep shot while getting triple-teamed from a frantic defense. 

Granted, the rest of the kids were far more interested with the other balls being thrown around in the living room, but I would still put this kid up against anyone you might have on your NBA team. 

Charlotte Bobcats fans, I am talking to you. 


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