Tailgaters, Come One, Come All

Jacob FlinchumCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

After all of our longing and waiting, we finally have some football to get excited about. April 25, 2009 at 2pm is the annual Maroon vs White Spring Game. Don't get me wrong this game isn't for the title, and there's no trophy at stake, but all Hokie fans finally get a first look into what we have for the upcoming year.

We know we have outstanding players like Tyrod Taylor and Darren Evans returning, but what about the ones we don't know? Like our highly recruited running back Ryan Williams that no one knows about other than high school stats.

We also get to see the battle for the backup QB position between Ju-Ju Clayton and Marcus Davis. Not to mention the development of our young trio of receivers Boykin, Roberts, and Coale. What will they have for us this year and will they have a breakout season with Taylor's maturation?

Now onto the defense, which has a couple of holes to fill itself. Brett Warren is gone to graduation along with Sturdivant, O. Martin, and Macho Harris. Barquell Rivers played great in the Orange Bowl for Warren so he looks to have great potential. His goaline stand against Cincinattii's Pike was phenomenal. The Hokies, under the brilliance of Bud Foster, always seem to reload on the defensive side of the ball. 

Special teams was a bit of a letdown last year. Hokies fans didn't get that explosiveness they've grown accustom to. There were a couple bright spots with an extra point being blocked against East Carolina and returned for the two point conversion, and we did block a punt against Nebraska. Overall this area needs to improve to become what it has been in the past. Hokie Fans want Beamerball back.

Even if you're not interested in stats or who's starting we've got something for you too. This is the game that gives our tailgaters their practice as well. A chance to fire up the grills, break out the burgers, raise your banners and flags, and have a great time with your friends. Ultimately it's all about fun, football, and supporting the Hokies.