Bruno Sammartino Would Be Hated by Modern Day WWE Fans

Jack Windham@wr_revealedAnalyst IFebruary 4, 2013

Bruno Sammartino
Bruno Sammartino

In case you somehow haven't heard, Bruno Sammartino is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. WWE has spent some time trying to convince him to accept an induction, and a deal has finally been brokered.

Based on the initial reaction from the internet wrestling community, the masses are quite pleased with the development. Everyone knows he deserves the induction, and no one is speaking negatively on it.

Bruno Sammartino is lucky that he worked a long time ago because his act would certainly not go over well with modern day WWE fans. In fact, he would have been a target of quite a bit of hate from fans online.

Lengthy title reigns from John Cena (1,164 days) and Hulk Hogan (2,185 days) are constantly brought up by fans when explaining their disdain for those two guys. Bruno Sammartino is first on that list with a title reign that lasted 4,040 days, which would certainly make him an easy target.

Fans also complain that a dominating champion prevents others from being given a fair chance at the top spot. During his legendary career, Bruno Sammartino has quite the impressive list of challengers that he managed to topple.

Eric Bischoff, Bill Watts and Ric Flair received quite a bit of heat from the internet wrestling community by using their name in order to get their offspring into the business. Those of us that remember David Sammartino know that he would have been spoken of in vain like Garett Bischoff, Erik Watts and David Flair.

Limited move sets are another source of complaints from fans. Bruno Sammartino made a living off of a basic set of moves, including a simple bear hug as one of his finishing moves.

Another thing that can cause fans to turn on a performer is a contentious relationship with Vince McMahon, a man revered for being the head of WWE. A quick view of the history between the CEO and Bruno Sammartino shows that there is a lot more hate than love in their relationship.

Add all these things up, and logic dictates that fans would certainly not have been as warm towards Bruno Sammartino then as they are now.


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