The Dynasty Manifesto: Wrestlemania XXV—What the Heck Happened?

AkDSenior Writer IApril 6, 2009

I'm no writer nor creative talent but I've seen a better Wrestlemania 25. As a matter of fact, I saw another better Wrestlemania.

The community is probably full of WM25 recaps, but I couldn't resist giving my two cents...especially when I spent $54.95 on it. What in the world happened?

Today, I....we...everyone who knows the truth will share their disdain and disbelief as one of the worst shows (as a whole) is now behind us. Let our rancorous feeling be manifested here. The Manifesto is back.


I don't think there are any words I could use to describe the vibe in the room as my friends and I watched the Money In The Bank match. Promise turned into crap. CM Punk?! Really?! WWE just wanted to stick to us again. Christian fans hopped on the ..


train and they didn't learn from the first time with the Hardy attacker angle. Another set of people were riding MVP ever since his losing streak was snapped. Then there's Shelton Benjamin:

There was a poll on WWE.COM on who would win the MITB and Shelton got over 60 percent. Maybe they just wanted to give us someone we least expected. MITB was disgusting. Lackluster, short as hell...horrendous.

Seemed like five minutes to me and Benjamin still had all the best highlights. CM Punk?! Again?! I hate to say this but I'd rather see Christian win the case. I know his push wasn't done well last year but back-to-back?

Now we have to see the same guy with the same freaking case. This time it better be freaking good. I'll be extra pissed if Punk's next run is as shitty as his last. At this point, I knew Wrestlemania was gonna be shitty.



Where in the hell was the history? Quitting?! Why was Rey Mysterio the freaking Joker?! It was bad enough JBL lost in one minute, but I had to see Rey Mysterio dressed up like an idiot and then JBL quits.


We were bamboozled?

Or was this the original plans?

Either way it was complete crap. The match was a disgrace to all the great IC matches in Wrestlemania history, it reminded me of the Chavo vs. Kane match last year. The Colons got the tag titles in a match that wasn't even shown. What in the world?!


Divas Battle Royal

Santino won like everyone knew. It wasn't funny. He never touched any Diva throughout the match and no Diva touched him. This was too artificial. The divas didn't even attack or reveal him. They came during Kid Rock's performance. The match was another waste of time.


Jericho vs. Legends

Utter props goes out to Ricky Steamboat. At his age, he was still able to give a solid performance unlike Snuka and Piper. I'm glad Flair got beat up as well..GO HOME! The Rourke showdown in the end was decent I suppose. The good thing is that Jericho won the match.


Hardy vs. Hardy

It wasn't until this match that I clapped my hands. It wasn't until this match that I stayed in the room. It wasn't until this match that a smile went across my face. The Hardys match was good. I liked it.

Matt Hardy finally had good attire as he and his brother went at it. I give huge props to both brothers, they really worked the match. The Matt Hardy table sandwich was good, Jeff's leap frog ladder leg drop was really something.

He missed, but I knew it was painful when he landed. It was the twist of fate Matt Hardy did with Jeff's head in the chair that wowed me.

Some props to Matt Hardy who pulled it off well and didn't hurt his brother, it looked like it could have easily been fatal. Matt Hardy won and I think it was the best choice.


HBK vs. Taker

There was no doubt in anyone's mind that these two didn't steal the show. HBK's heaven-like entrance was one for the ages. With the way the night was going, I didn't think I would be able to add a match to my all-time favorites.

The fatigue on both Taker and HBK faces were far from fabricated. The energy and effort they put into the match was truly outstanding. They gave us a show and a half. Taker's leap had me screaming.

The way he landed had me wondering if he was alright. It looked like he landed on his neck at one point. The camera man was pulled into the way, that was hilarious. Nevertheless, he was exhausted at that point.

Then there is HBK. The man is Mr. Wrestlemania. I knew he was bringing it and my goodness he did. He survived Taker's Hell gate. He survived a choke slam. HBK survived a last ride that damn well did damage.

I thought it was over when the first tombstone was executed and HBK kicked out. The look on Taker's face said it all. WTF?! What do I have to do to put the showstopper away?

Two sweet chins and Undertaker still found a way to kick out. It was HBK's top rope moonsault that sealed his fate. He back flipped right into Taker's arms and fell victim to the second tombstone.

The two layed on the ring mat after the match. It was really a piece of art. Props went out to both future hall of famers as they both just gave us something to pay for.


Stone Cold's last ride

If there was anything that meant anything more to me that night, it was Austin's last goodbye. I was on the verge of tearing, but I held back. It probably wasn't the same for others, but this was the man I watched 12 years ago.

I remember that night when I was flipping through channels and I saw Stone Cold and Vince that night. This is the man that brought me into wrestling. If it weren't for Austin..I don't know if I'd be watching wrestling today.

It was hard seeing him go. He rode out on the ATV one more time and he drank beer with the crowd, with J.R., with everyone. He's going on to other things and he wanted to give us this last goodbye.

In a night that was lopsided, in a night that had many downs...this was a moment that really meant a lot me. I thank Austin for everything he has done. I thank him for the memories and the moments. We're now moving on without another legend.


Triple Threat Match

This match was lackluster just as I thought. Every time I had one ounce of good feeling, it was quickly snatched back. This was a match that did that. It wasn't because Cena won, but because the match was garbage.

This was a match that was barely PPV material. The Edge/Big Shoe barricade crash was probably the only good thing thing in the match. I watched as Cena won and the fans were happy for the face to win.

Nothing wowed me in this match at all. Why was I surprised anyway? I should have known better.


WWE Title Match

This was the make or break match. This was the match that WOWED me. Triple H vs. Randy Orton. The most hyped match on the card. Vince and Shane embraced Triple H before the match as Legacy did with Randy Orton.

I was waiting for a classic in the making. We got garbage. No, it's not because Triple H won the match. The match itself was like a RAW match. There was nothing special.

Orton did the DDT off of the announce table. The ref got knocked out and Trips hit him with the sledge hammer. The ref got up, Orton got pedigreed and Triple H won. I could have watched that crap on RAW.


Why did he and Cena get fireworks?! These were two matches that were horrible. Again, it wasn't because of who won the match. Orton's push or so called push was halted that night.

No Legacy, no McMahon backstabbing...sorry folks. Why was the match so short? Why was the build up better than the match? I'm sorry myself. Sorry I spent $54.95 for nonsense.


Silver Linings in the Dark Cloud

Hardy vs. Hardy

Taker vs. HBK

Stone Cold's last ride


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