Orton and Triple H: Punts, Sledgehammers, and the Light at the End of the Tunnel

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IApril 6, 2009

B/R is about to witness a plague of WrestleMania recaps and opinion-related articles across the entire wrestling section. From newcomers to senior writers, everyone is going to be talking about what a disappointment WrestleMania XXV was.

JLB is probably going to tear WWE a new one in this week's RNN, and I can smell a Shelton Benjamin article from AkD.

Maybe something like: The Old Standard—WTF??!!!

Ryan Michael has an article out already focusing on the so-called main event of last night's disaster of an extravaganza.

A certain someone will still go on and on about how Joe Burgett's recaps are better than anything Shakespeare could ever come up with.

But I digress.

I roll my eyes and I blink, I've just witnessed history's greatest WrestleMania. Or so I was told by my younger brother.

Adam: "Triple H has retained his championship at WrestleMania, finally he got the revenge he deserved."

Me: "Man, I knew it."

Adam: "In your face, I told you."

Me: "What do you mean, in my face? I predicted this and now even I'm disappointed that what I had said what would come to pass actually did."

I shake my head in shame as utter disappointment flows in my veins.

It felt like moments ago, when Triple H entered the arena, I had come to the realization that he would successfully avenge his family.

As Triple H's music played and he entered the ring, I found my attention wandering to other places.

I watched the Cerebral Assassin use Randy Orton's plan against him and pick up the pieces to get the pin.

I wondered, why did it have to end in such a way? Why didn't Orton put more effort into this match?

Where was Orton's infamous intensity, the unpredictability of his actions that made you sit at the edge of your seats with your sweaty palms waiting, watching in anticipation?

How the hell did all of that disappear?

I had prepared myself for this and ventured with the millions of people watching around the world with the mindset that Triple H was going to retain.

Was it Orton's disappointment at the finish that diverted his attention from giving the fans a good match?

I'm in agreement with the millions that Taker/HBK was a tough act to follow.

I know, because I sat there in front of my TV saying: "It won't get any better than this."

Was it Vince McMahon's grand miscalculation that left us all high and dry, expecting more from the main event that was 25 years in the making?

Or could all of this attributed to Triple H?

Was it his own stubborn attitude that allowed him to go over perhaps the greatest heel in the WWE, and in the main event no less?

As I sat there contemplating the consequences of the results, my mind once again raced.

I began to hear voices, but you need not worry. They were not my own.

My friends were exhilarated at the fact that Triple H finally got his big win. I wish they would shut up now so I could focus.

It was hit-and-miss with this feud. Come to think of it, it has always been that way with the WWE.

But this was a big miss.

The push that Orton had gotten since Survivor Series, his win at the Royal Rumble, the anarchy that he spread week after week on Raw—all of that for nothing.

At Survivor Series, I was more concerned with whether Jericho would ever get another title shot and how soon that would be.

I was frustrated with how McMahon refused to pull the trigger on Jeff Hardy's career.

I hated the fact that the World Heavyweight Championship was stuck in a never-ending game of passing the parcel.

But then I heard a noise, that silenced all others.

I turned to see Randy Orton. I showed interest in his character and development.

I blinked to relieve the strain of my eyes and I returned to the real world.

Sitting there, wondering whether Orton's chances were now slim or non-existent, my friends continued to chatter about the post-WrestleMania Raw.

I raised my head. It struck me harder and faster than Big Show's knockout punch or Shawn Michaels' Sweet Chin Music.

If the very thing that Orton has waited so long to accomplish had evaded him again, what would his retaliation be?

I paused for a second as my mother came to me, signaling to the clock on the wall that I was supposedly staring at for 10 long minutes.

I was there physically, but in my mind I was looking back at Orton's actions and thinking if he was so devastating before his match with Hunter, what would he do now that his mentor had once again defeated him?

Adam comes to put his hand on my shoulder and tells me to cheer up.

I sighed in relief and a smile spread across my face.

Orton is a ticking time bomb and now even more so. If he was willing to do whatever it took to destroy Triple H before they locked up last night, imagine to what great lengths he will go to this time.

I stood up and delivered a thunderous RKO to Adam. My eyes widened, my body was tired but my mind was racing.

Triple H, you've invited even more trouble for yourself.

There's a light at the end of the tunnel for Randy Orton.

There is still a chance for him to redeem himself tonight. Let's hope Vince doesn't screw us again.

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