Manchester United Transfer News: Move for Asmir Begovic Would Make Little Sense

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IFebruary 4, 2013

Patience is a treasured virtue. 

For Manchester United, earning that honor would mean staying true to 22-year-old goalkeeper David de Gea and not jumping the gun on a move for Stoke City's Asmir Begovic in the summer.

According to the Daily Mail's Declan Warrington, however, a move of that nature appears to at least be under consideration for Sir Alex Ferguson:

Manchester United are to revisit their interest in Stoke’s Asmir Begovic in the summer.

Sir Alex Ferguson is confident of securing an £8 million deal for the goalkeeper which would put David de Gea’s Old Trafford future in severe doubt.

Bosnian Begovic, 25, could also be a target for Liverpool where doubts continue to gather over Pepe Reina’s future, but there seems little doubt that any potential arrival at Old Trafford will not coincide with the departure of De Gea or the club’s second choice Anders Lindegaard. 

Let's just get this straight: Whenever you get the chance to replace your 22-year-old, potential-to-the-sky, world-class goalkeeper with an intriguing-but-less-talented 25-year-old keeper, you absolutely do NOT take it. 

It just doesn't make sense.

Does De Gea still have a lot of room for improvement? Absolutely, but considering how talented he already is, it's a little scary—for the strikers in the Premier League, at least—to think about where he'll be when he actually hits his prime.

For a summation of what the Spanish goalkeeper currently brings to the table for the Red Devils, take a look at his performance against Fulham back in early August:

That right there is De Gea in a nutshell. 

He often times conducts himself with a little too much aplomb on the back line (and sometimes gets away with it, like he did at the beginning of the video) and his aerial work isn't ideal, but the Spaniard's quickness, athleticism, reactions and instincts are second to none. 

His mistakes are often magnetized more than any other keeper in the world because of his often-reckless style, but that tends to make people forget his surreal ability to stone forwards with his point-blank saves. 

David De Gea undoubtedly has the title of "Best Goalkeeper in the World" in his future.

It might be a bit of a bumpy ride towards that future, but Manchester United would regret watching him go through that process with any other club.