Why WrestleMania XXV Missed the Mark

jason savageCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

I am going to keep this article short and sweet.

Sunday night's WrestleMania began with a great build and ended with a thud, one that could have been avoided with two simple switches in the order of events:


1. Kid Rock's performance should have been at the mid-point of the show, like a half time show at the Super Bowl.

It would have been a nice intermission between the first half and the second half of the show. I realize the last song he performed was used as the entrance theme for the divas, but I think leaving the divas match second without such an introduction would have been fine.

2. HBK vs. The Undertaker should have closed the night, it certainly stole the show and left the last two matches feeling less intense and exciting.

The sell-out crowd of 72,744 in Houston',s Reliant Stadium just didn't seem as into those final matches, which had a lot to live up to.


Imagine, if you would, WresteMania XXV taking place in this order:

1. "Money In The Bank" Ladder Match

2. Divas Ms. WrestleMania Battle Royal

3. Jericho vs. Piper/Snuka/Steamboat

4. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

5. Kid Rock's "half-time" performance

6. JBL vs. Mysterio 

7. Edge vs. Cena vs Big Show

8. HHH vs. Orton

9. Undertaker vs. HBK


In my opinion, just by switching those two events, it would have made the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania one of the best shows in years!