WrestleMania 25 Results, Summary, Opinion, Predictions and Slam of the Night

Blue ChipCorrespondent IApril 6, 2009

I also wrote in the four slams of the Night! All short/quick, easy! Another easy read.

So Results, then Summary, then Opinon, then predicton outcomes. short reads on all. I will go by each match, recap in a few words and throw in a few thoughts (short ones.)

Key: R=result, S=summary, O=opinion and P= my prediction, was I wrong or right.


Match No. 1 - MITB

The first match we saw, was the "Money in the Bank, Ladder Match."

- the result = C.M. Punk takes the match for the second time! we also found out, what I always suspected..C.M. Punk = Chicago Made Punk.

S= stars put on a great, short, match. all of them made it almost to the top.

O= highlights were the bridge of ladders; innovative. We saw the match that was too short and the Kofi climb and jump over the ladder..not to mention the S.O.T. night.

I wish it would have been longer, this would have been better. I thought Benjamin would take it as I was watching. I was a bit disappointed with the outcome. We should have seen something new. I am a C.M. punk fan, but....

P= my prediction did not come true, nor did the worst.

Match No. 2 - 25 Diva battle Royal

R= "Stantina" Marella wins. He was in drag; he also directly eliminated Beth Phoenix.

S= quick,un eventful match. started before the bell, lasted only a few min.

O= I loved the result, but we could have seen credit given to the girls. They were thrown in w/o announcements.

P= wrong.


Match No. 3 - Chris Jericho vs. Legends

R = Jericho won, lost after, to Mickey Rourke.

S= Jericho ended up in final stage of elimination w/ Steamboat. then he called out Rourke, who knocked him out, (boxing style.)

O= steamboat was a bit slower, but still damn good. Rourke should NOT have ended w/ upper hand. Jericho was right. He is a real "tough guy," not Rourke.

P = prediction came true, w/ combo of the WORST!


Match No. 4 JBL vs. Rey Mysterio

R = Rey wins! New Champ. JBL QUIT!

S = JBL made his history; he lost the title/match in 22 seconds. He then QUIT!...History

O= I did not see this at all. This was a good one.

P = I was wrong.


Match No. 5 - Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

R = Matt won

S = The two put on an okay match. They could have been allotted more time, but it was still good.

O = I just wish it were longer. I mean brother vs. brother? Please give me better matches. They know each other.

P = I was right on both of these


Match No. 6 - HBK vs. Taker

R = Taker won..17-0

S = Long match, full of close calls.

O = WOW! I did not see it coming, but match of the night fo sho!

P= Prediction right, worst did not come true.


Match No. 7 - Edge vs. Cena vs. Show

R= Cena wins title.

S = Shorter (Raw Like) match. Edge took out Vicki again.

O = Could have been a bit better, but it was good. This probably should have been done earlier in the night, as opposed to the back-to-back w/ WWE champ. match. I like Cena. I think he is jeered because he has not re-invented himself as the times adjust.

P = I was wrong about both, except I predicted Cena would win, I just saw it coming along differently.


Match No. 8 = HHH vs. Randy Orton

R = HHH wins, still the champ.

S = Longer match. Both battle it out, un-interrupted.

O = This could have been a "match for the ages." I thought it was kind of about as exciting as a "Koslov match."

P = I was so wrong. I did not see it coming.



Slams Of The NIGHT! Only four, but we go from wow to OH MY GOD!

4. Hardy Match - There was a cool table set up w/ 2 tables on top of each other, with a chair and Matt, in between. Jeff Splashed on to this off of the top buckle.

3. Shelton Benjamin, in the MITB ladder match. Benjamin jumps off of the tallest ladder available. He started on the one in the aisle and tried to do a flip. he more or less landed short, but on his upper back! (Holy S@#* chant.)


2. Jeff Hardy, leap frogs over a huge ladder, from a shorter one. He landed on his lower spine/ass, looking for one of those double leg drops. (he did not look okay afterwards).


1. Undertaker jumps for Shawn, over the ropes, to the outside. Taker lands with a dive, straight into the concrete, head first! Somehow, he kept going! Damn Taker!


No match No. 9! What happened to the lumberjack, undisputed tag title match ?!?!


WM 25 itself?

R = good show, could have been a bit better.

S =star studded, stone cold!...and well, we should have seen a bigger fuss!

O = great parts. this show would have been a bit more exciting with cages or diff. match types for the last 2 champ. matches.

P. = I was right about Stone Cold, and the Kid Rock performance. I was wrong about other gen. predictions. (McMahons and Legacy, stayed back stage!) Wow!

Thanks for reading

--Blue Chip


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