Why Everyone Hated Wrestlemania 25, But Should Think Twice About That

Gagan SamraContributor IApril 6, 2009

Wrestlemania 25 has come and gone and left us with mixed feelings. We may have witnessed one of the greatest Wrestlemania matches of all time, yet many feel disappointed by the product.

The main event pitted Triple H vs Randy Orton, who were having one of the most heated feuds in quite some time. Many were expecting a major swerve of some sort, but what they got was a clean win by Triple H. Everyone, including yours truly, see no upside to this as it buries Randy Orton but does nothing to help Triple H. 

As a result, many are feeling disappointed and robbed of their $55.

However, I truly think that had this one final match produced a somewhat different result (and maybe two different competitors), most people would be praising this PPV instead of bashing it.

Without a doubt, the best match of the night was Shawn Micheals vs The Undertaker. These two went back and forth and, in the Undertaker's case, literally put their life on the line to produce a memorable Wrestlemania match.

I won't go into the match too much (everyone knows what occurred) but I was literally on the edge of my seat and screamed bloody murder when Shawn kicked out of the Tombstone.

The World Heavyweight Championship was a complete wash, as no one really believed in this match and that Cena would be leaving Houston without the title. It served its purpose as a transition between the other two main events.

Money in the Bank continued its strong showing (with a few botches), but many people felt robbed by the finish. I truly feel that having CM Punk win the match not only swerved the fans, it allows him to become a heel with two baby face champions.

If anyone watched his old days at ROH, no one would dispute his abilities as a heel. I also have to say that Kofi Kingston was the star of the match and should be given high consideration for future big time matches.  

The Hardy brothers also produced a very good match, but there is some room for improvement. The right brother won because this allows for future matches, possibily culminating in a TLC match at Summerslam. The finish to the match was unique, with Jeff Hardy taking two sick bumps.

The most surprising performance of the night had to go to Ricky Steamboat. Even though he is 55 years old, he was performing his old moves and did not miss a beat. The entire crowd was behind him and really wanted to 2009 HOF inductee to win the match.

The entire Rourke-Jericho segment was long and predictable and could have been better used in a different capacity.

The other two matches (Divas Battle Royal and Intercontinental title) were so quick that I barely had time to process what had just happened. I do have to give credit to Santino, who once again provided the best comedic skit of the evening.

Why the Tag Team unification match was a Pre-Show event will be a mystery to me for a while. They really built up this feud for a couple of months, with great matches between these two tag teams. I heard nothing but good things from this match and I wish I had seen this.

As you can see, the majority of the matches on the PPV served their purposes and really met the expectations that wrestling fans set for them. The lone exception was the final match, which I believe tilted the balance beam towards the negative side. 

Had a McMahon/Legacy run in occurred, we would would have left Wrestlemania with a great feeling, but instead many will not remember this milestone event too fondly.