Joe Montana's Miracle Stain Not Enough for Niners in Tide's 2013 Super Bowl Commercial

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Guess what, Bay Area football fans?

San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana made an appearance at this year's Super Bowl.

Well, sort of.

Joe Montana showed up as a food stain in Tide's Super Bowl commercial. In the ad one guy drops some food on his white Montana Jersey while watching a game, and just like the shroud of Turin, San Fran's deity appears. 

Soon after comes the press conference, news stories and everyone making a huge deal out of it. 

One thing that I was expecting but didn't get was an appearance from Montana himself. I mean the guy does Sketchers ads, why not Tide?

So anyway, fans from everywhere line up and flock to this guy's house to see the stain.

Funniest gag of the ad? Some type of food called stain on a stick. Pretty freaking funny. Looked delicious, too. 

Anyway after the guy with the stain gets rich and opens up "Montana Land," things take a turn for the worse.

Yep, you guessed it, the obligatory funny ending comes next. 

Even though she's been a part of everything the whole commercial, stain man's wife decides to take the shirt out of the frame where it hangs on the man's wall and wash it.

Why, you ask? Considering the stain seems to be a cash cow? Well, because she's a Ravens fan. (We know this because she's wearing Baltimore jersey as she smiles at the camera.)

Is it a funny commercial? Meh

Was it as good as the game? Hell no. 

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