Lone Ranger Super Bowl Commercial: Action-Packed Trailer Makes Movie Must-See

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Even before Super Bowl XLVII began, we got a great sneak peek of the new "Lone Ranger" movie, which is set to hit theaters on July 3, 2013.

Disney's theatrical version of the hit television series that ran from 1949 to 1957 isn't exactly your grandfather's "Lone Ranger."

The opening minute of the trailer gives a brief back story of how John Reid—played by Armie Hammer—became the Lone Ranger.

We also get a great look at Tonto—played by Johnny Depp—in his incredibly detailed face paint, as well as how he and the Lone Ranger became partners.

Thanks to some special effects that weren't available back when this was a television series, it appears that this film will be nothing short of epic in its action scenes.

We are first introduced to an eye-popping explosion that looked so real it will no doubt force viewers to lean back in their respective chairs.

After that, a dramatic chase scene involving a speeding train has the Lone Ranger pulling insane stunts that the older version never thought possible.

Whether he was hanging onto the train for dear life or using his whip to latch onto a tree to escape it, the Lone Ranger is now a breath-taking action star.

At its end, the "Lone Ranger" trailer gives a look at the comedic aspect of the film as both Tonto and the Lone Ranger meet one of the villains in what turns out to be a funny exchange.

After seeing this trailer, you have to be excited to see this movie. If you think this Lone Ranger will just ride his horse en route to a boring movie, you couldn't be more wrong.

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