Puppy Bowl 2013: Recap, MVP and Twitter Reaction

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIFebruary 3, 2013

image from Animal Discovery
image from Animal Discovery

I'm not sure if it makes you weird to have watched all nine of the Puppy Bowls on Animal Planet, but in my best Michael Jackson voice, You Are Not Alone.

This thing has become huge on Super Bowl Sunday.

In case you're not aware of what this event is, it's basically a bunch of cute little puppies turned loose on a miniature football field to captivate you with their adorable behavior.

They tug away at toys and frolic around as a camera follows their every move. How big is this event?

This was the ninth annual broadcast, and the coverage was chock full of endorsements and commercials from major sponsors. Puppies are big business and you better recognize.

There is even a halftime show that features kittens. Come on man, what's tougher than kittens?


Winners and MVPs (Most Valuable Puppies)

As if a winner even matters (when we're talking about puppies and kittens, we're all winners) the game isn't about the teams; it's all based on individual performance (Titus Young would do great in this game).

Several of the puppies scored touchdowns this year, but in the end there can be only one MVP. 

Sally scored the first score of the game, but she was quiet for the rest of the game. Elias was active, but he didn't score as much as he should have. Call him the classic underachiever.

Marta was one of the smallest puppies on the field, but she still found her way into the end zone. She won the MVP for the event. Colin Kaepernick will have a tough time surpassing Marta's big day.

My personal favorite was Chestnut. He scored a touchdown and he displayed the most calm demeanor of any puppy. I'm not in to dogs that act like Ray Lewis during pregame introductions.


Twitter Reaction?

Yes, Twitter reaction.

The social media world was totally plugged in to Puppy Bowl IX. NBC and NBCSN's Michelle Beadle are especially in love with this event.

League officials may want to speak to this puppy about his training methods. Steven Amiri of the New York Post and New York Times displays a picture of a puppy that may be employing some unfair advantages.

If you fancy yourself a man's man, and you're a little ashamed of the fact that you like the Puppy Bowl, here's something that should make you feel more secure.

Ex-MMA fighter and current UFC TV analyst Kenny Florian isn't ashamed that he's impressed by Elias' big day. If a former MMA fighter can watch the Puppy Bowl, you can too.

Now here's an interesting thought from Bleacher Report's own Timothy Rapp. Make sure you get this copyrighted Rapp, you may be on to something.

Hope you enjoyed the Puppy Bowl, now let's watch some human football.


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