Chelsea FC: Can the Blues Still Have a Good Season?

Rachel Bascom@@Rachel_BascomContributor IIIFebruary 4, 2013

Chelsea FC: Can the Blues Still Have a Good Season?

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    After Chelsea gave away yet another lead to lose against Newcastle on Saturday, the Blues' chances of having a good season are looking pretty bleak—at least by their lofty standards.

    Out of the Premier League title race and out of the Champions League, they even went crashing out of the Capital One Cup—the one competition that had looked a dead certainty.

    But is there still a way for Chelsea to rescue their season?

    Although they are out of the title race, they are still third in the Premier League and in two competitions: the FA Cup and the Europa League. They are not the two trophies that the Blues would have wanted to win at the beginning of the season, but they are still a chance for silverware.

    So at this point in the season, how can Chelsea make it a success? The following slides show how, along with some predictions for what will actually happen.

The Premier League

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    If the Blues were not already out of the title race, they certainly are now. And with this latest loss, it is no longer about keeping up with the Manchesters, United and City, but about keeping Spurs from claiming third place.

    If this season is not to be a total failure, Chelsea must qualify for the Champions League.

    Third or fourth place will both be considered good finishes at this point, and if Arsene Wenger is to be believed, fourth place is just the same as winning a trophy.

    Even considering Chelsea's recent run of form, it is hard to see them finishing lower than fourth...although losing leads is what they have become infamous for this season.

    Needed: third/fourth place.

    Prediction: fourth place.

The FA Cup

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    No team has dominated the FA Cup in recent years like Chelsea have. The Blues have won four out of the last six FA Cup finals.

    So then it goes without saying that anything less than the trophy will be considered a disappointment.

    Chelsea have already been struggling in this year's competition, so the omens are not great, but a favorable draw should help them go a long way.

    Needed: winners.

    Prediction: final.

Europa League

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    As they are no longer in the Champions League, the Europa League has become Chelsea's only chance at success in Europe this season (although when it comes to the Europa League, perhaps "success" isn't quite the right word).

    Surely nothing less than a win will do.

    Athletico Madrid are the current favorites to win, and they made Chelsea look like fools in the European Super Cup. However, you just feel like Chelsea can do it.

    After all, Rafael Benitez may not be the most popular Chelsea manager, but he does have a good record in Europe.

    Needed: winners.

    Prediction: winners.