LSU Football: Best Ways Les Miles Can Sell Tigers' Program to Recruits

Randy ChambersAnalyst IFebruary 5, 2013

LSU Football: Best Ways Les Miles Can Sell Tigers' Program to Recruits

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    Everybody has their own opinion on Les Miles, but one thing he does well is recruit top-tier talent.

    Over the years, players have flocked to LSU with goals to win national championships and to compete at the highest level in the SEC. And while it may seem easy by the amount of elite players that play for the Tigers, recruiting is a tough business and it takes hard work to convince these guys to pick your program.  

    Miles and his staff must go over everything they can possibly sell to these recruits in order to convince them to take their talents to Baton Rouge. There are plenty of schools in the SEC that they could play for; it takes a special recruiting pitch to win them over.

    So what are the biggest selling points LSU can make to land those top-notch players?

    Here are the five things that are talked about the most when Miles walks through a recruit’s door.

You Get to Play in the Real Death Valley

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    Arguably the toughest place to play in all of college football, Tiger Stadium is worth the price of admission. It's a place where every recruit would want to play his home games.

    Not only are the current renovations expected to soon hold up to 100,000 people, but the night games are absolutely classic. The Tigers simply do not lose many games at home and you can thank the passionate LSU fans for a lot of that.

    After all, this is the same stadium and fans that created their own earthquake back in 1988.

    Death Valley may be a shared nickname along with Clemson, but there is little question to which stadium is better. You won't find many stadiums that are more hostile than this one, and not many schools have a bigger home-field advantage than the LSU Tigers.

The Uniforms Are Traditional

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    There is a fashion trend going on throughout college football and recruits seem to love it.

    Every week, schools throughout the country like to switch their uniform and usually end up wearing something hideous on game day. If you are one of a handful of recruits who doesn't like wearing a tacky wardrobe that makes you look like you are part of a circus, LSU is the school for you.

    The Tigers have worn practically the same exact uniform since the football team has been in existence. The colors of purple and gold have remained the same, and the gold and white pants have become a staple of LSU football.

    While the traditional colors may be associated more with the Los Angeles Lakers, there is only one college football program that comes to mind when those two are mentioned, which is rare nowadays.

    Switching up the uniform has had its run, but it needs to stop. If you like the tradition and know you won’t be forced to wear something goofy looking, it doesn't get much better than LSU.

Chance to Play Against, or with Your Friends

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    With the ongoing rivalry between LSU and Alabama, many recruits end up having these schools as their final two when making a decision. What makes this battle during the offseason even more intense is that a lot of the players who become Tigers or Crimson Tide players are either from Alabama or the Louisiana area.

    In other words, a lot of these kids grew up together, played on the same team or played against one another in high school.

    Relationships tend to play a big role in what the recruit’s final decision is going to be. If you don't see yourself suiting up for Alabama and playing for Nick Saban, joining forces with Les Miles isn't a bad option.

    Besides, there is a chance you will see a few friends on the other side once the rivalry game takes place during the regular season.

One of the Best Coaching Staffs in the Country

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    I wrote about this earlier and gave LSU the second-best assistant coaching staff in the SEC. Besides Les Miles coming up with a few wacky play calls, not managing time well and putting grass in its own food group, the Tigers are coached well.

    John Chavis is easily one of the best defensive coordinators in college football and could have a head-coaching job if he was ever tempted to take on that challenge. Frank Wilson has helped the Tigers to success running the ball in every season he has been on campus. Brick Haley has produced numerous All-Americans on the defensive line and molds many young players into monsters up front.

    Whatever position you play or what your goal is in college, LSU has the guys in place that can help you be productive and take that next step in your college career.

National Championship Expectations

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    Besides being drafted high in the NFL draft, the biggest on-the-field dream for a collegiate football player is winning a national championship. If a recruit shares that same goal, LSU is a school that deserves some serious consideration.

    In the eight years Les Miles has coached this team, the Tigers have won at least 10 games a total of six times. They have reached three BCS bowls and managed to win a national championship in 2007, which was only the third season under Miles. There have been five AP Poll Top 10 finishes and even when the season is a little rocky, LSU usually remains a highly ranked team in the polls.

    While most BCS programs have a national championship on their minds, only a select few are capable of making those dreams a reality. LSU is one of the handful that realistically can win a national championship every season, and that is a good enough reason to attend school down in Baton Rouge.