Diamondbacks-Rockies: Let's Play Two, or Three, or 19...

Glenn DarbySenior Analyst IMarch 28, 2008

Phoenix, AZ—Not content with leading the league in wins last year, Josh Byrnes has
decided to up the ante when it comes to the Arizona Diamondbacks.  "We
decided to really go for it this year," Byrnes said when asked about
the schedule.  What Byrnes is refering to is the Diamondbacks attempt
to win the Beating A Dead Horse award for playing the same team the
most in a single season.

Not counting the Spring Training season, which saw the Dbacks and
Rockies square off five times, the Diamondbacks were initially
scheduled to take on the Rockies 18 times this season.  Despite the
boredom that fans are undoubtedly going to endure, Josh Byrnes added
one extra "Exhibition" game against the Colorado franchise, scheduled
for March 28th.

Phoenix fans had quite a fill of the Rockies during the 2007 season.
The Dbacks provided the Rockies with their only loss during the
historic run towards the World Series.  Every other match, the Rockies
dominated late in the year, including an NLCS sweep.

"It is not that I mind playing the same team all of the time," Chad
Tracy, Arizona's third baseman stated, "but we play them at the
beginning of the year and at the end ten times each.  Give us a break
and make it in the middle of the hot Arizona summer."

Season ticket holder Sandra Anderson echoed his sentiments, "I like to travel to see my grandkids in Colorado when the Dbacks are in town but not when it is snowing up there.  It's too cold!"

Jeff Moorad, the Diamondbacks' CEO and managing partner, stressed the importance of continuity in a schedule.  "Fans want to know what to expect when they come out to Chase this year.  We've found that fans are more likely to come if they know we will win.  Since the Pirates are not in our division, we opted for the Rockies," Moorad said in a telephone interview.  When reminded that the Rockies beat the Dbacks in their season series last year Moorad simply replied, "well, six won't count this year."

True to form, the Diamondbacks were handed a hearty loss to the Rockies in the exhibition game.  The attendance figure was estimated at around 24,000 but "great seats were still available" at game time.  The Rockies will play the Dbacks again in a week, and then another week after that, and then three weeks after that.

Great seats are still available.