Alistair Overeem vs. Bigfoot Silva: What Went Right for Bigfoot Silva

Anthony Fusco@fusconation16Correspondent IIIFebruary 2, 2013

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It took a little over two rounds but Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva was able to defeat the monster known as Alistair Overeem Saturday night at UFC 156.

With the knockout victory 25 seconds into Round 3, Silva massively shakes up the heavyweight division and clouds the title shot picture.

Silva showed early on that he respected Overeem's striking. He knew that it was incredibly dangerous and so he kept his hands high to defend. Silva continued coming forward in the first round and was able to land some solid leg kicks to counter Overeem's.

In Round 2 Silva kept the leg kicks going, as he landed a few that snapped on impact. Overeem was able to toss Silva to the ground but Silva stayed busy early by landing some big elbows from the bottom.

The round ended with Overeem eating an uppercut and a knee from Silva before eating a knee of his own from Overeem.

On the break, Silva's corner mentioned to him that Overeem is tired. Overeem charged out the gate for Silva, but he was able to brush him off with a flurry of hard punches.

Silva pushed Overeem against the fence and blasted away at his face with punches. Overeem went limp and covered up as Silva continued to hit him with massive shots.

The Brazilian continues to press Overeem until he landed a devastating right hand that dropped Overeem to the canvas.

Silva was able to score the upset win over Overeem because of Overeem's lack of respect for Silva's striking, especially in the third round.

Silva was able to get his striking flowing and Overeem had no answer. Overeem's lack of striking respect for Silva, coupled with Silva's powerful punches, was what went right and secured the win for Bigfoot.

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