Charlotte Ultra Run Results 2013: Men and Women's Top Finishers

Alex Ballentine@Ballentine_AlexFeatured ColumnistFebruary 3, 2013

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The second annual Charlotte Ultra Run is in the books and some familiar faces found themselves in the winners' circle once again. 

The main purpose of the event is to raise money for local charities connected to the Knights of Columbus, but at the heart of it all is the grueling competition of long-distance running. In all, the event boasts four different races—the men's 50k (31.07 miles) and 10k as well as a women's 50k and 10k. 

Here were the incredible athletes that got to take home a trophy for recording the best time in their division. 


Men's 50k: Mark Carbone

The winner of the men's 50k race wins the Mark Carbone trophy, and the winner was none other than 39-year-old Mark Carbone. The 2012 winner of the race defended his title with a time of 3:32:06, which equates to an incredible 6:50 minute/mile pace.

Carbone won the 2012 race with a time of 3:25:31 so he came in a bit slower this time around, but his time was impressive nonetheless as he defeated the next challenger by more than 12 minutes. 


Women's 50k: Megan Hovis

Megan Hovis was able to capture the Megan Hovis trophy by running the fastest time in the women's division once again. 

Hovis clocked her 31 miles in 3:47:41 with a pace of 7:20 miles/minute. Hovis also saw a slight dip in her winning time from last year's race; she came in at 3:44:11 in 2012. 


Men's 10k: Bradley Belfiore

24-year-old Bradley Belfiore took home top honors in the men's 10k. He registered a time of 35:42.2 in the 6.214-mile race.


Women's 10k: Javi Clark

26-year-old Javi Clark ran the top time on the women's side of the 10k, putting up a time of 43:53.6.