Puppy Bowl 2013: Complete Viewing Guide to Animal Planet Event

Josh SchochAnalyst IIIFebruary 3, 2013

19 Apr 2002: Martina Navratilova's Boston Terrier puppy Madison plays in the grass during the Family Circle Cup at Family Circle Magazine Stadium on Daniel Island in Charleston, South Carolina. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit:Andy Lyons/Getty Images
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Sunday night will bear an exciting television special, and I'm not talking about the Super Bowl.

The Puppy Bowl is back in its ninth year, and this time it promises to be even bigger than last year's event, which garnered 8.7 million viewers.

Here is your definitive guide to Puppy Bowl IX.


When: Sunday February 3, 3-5 p.m. ET

Where: GEICO Puppy Bowl Stadium

Watch: Animal Planet


What to Watch For

All of the Puppies

The Puppy Bowl features 63 puppies from shelters across the country. The pups are picked for their cuteness and charisma, which means that this is going to be the cutest event on television.

How can you ignore even one of these puppies?

You can check out the lineup for Puppy Bowl IX here.


Kitty Halftime Show

Once again, the halftime entertainment for the event will come from 21 kittens.

I'm a dog kind of guy, but these kittens are almost as cute, in my opinion.


Hedgehog Cheerleaders

For the first time ever, contestants in the Puppy Bowl will have their own cheerleaders.

The cheerleading squad will consist of nine headgehogs, and it will be interesting to see how Animal Planet works them into the show.


New Camera Angles

According to Mother Nature Network, this year's event will feature a few new technological advancements to make the game even cuter: "Advancements like new 'in-your-face' Puppy Cam technology and puppy hot tubs (with underwater cameras) will put you in the middle of the action."

I'm not sure how the puppies will take to the hot tubs, but we'll find out on Sunday.



You think that having two brothers coach against each other in the Super Bowl is big? Try having four siblings squaring off.

This year's Puppy Bowl features eight sets of siblings, including miniature pinscher brothers Re Re, Frances and Winston, along with sister Agatha.


Best of Twitter Preview

PourMeCoffee jokes about Puppy Bowl athletes behaving like the NFL stars do.


Don't want to read about my favorite Puppy Bowl puppy being out at 3 am sniffing behind in the club and picked up stray. Focus on the game.

— pourmecoffee (@pourmecoffee) February 2, 2013


Time.com takes us behind the scenes for this year's event, with video as well.


WATCH: The Puppy Bowl kicks off its ninth season of cute overload | ti.me/11te2YO (via @timenewsfeed)

— TIME.com (@TIME) February 2, 2013


Nolan McMahon exemplifies just how big the Puppy Bowl is getting.


I'm more excited to watch the puppy bowl this year than the Super Bowl.

— Nolan McMahon (@Im_Nigel94) February 2, 2013