Straight From Las Vegas: 2009 MLB Odds

Richard Marsh@RichardMarshSenior Analyst IApril 5, 2009

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                            Straight From Las Vegas: Odds for the 2009 MLB Season


These are the most current odds posted at Aliante Station, one of Las Vegas’ newest Casino Hotels and Race and Sports Book.

There are going to be some surprises here, and if you like to play the long-shot, there are some pretty tempting picks. See for yourself, as I will update at the beginning of each month during the 2009 MLB season.


                                       Odds To Win 2009 National League Pennant


Chicago Cubs                             8/5

New York Mets                           5/2

Los Angeles Dodgers                   3/1

Philadelphia Phillies                     5/1

Arizona Diamondbacks                7/1

San Francisco Giants                 8/1

Milwaukee Brewers                    9/1

St Louis Cardinals                     10/1

Florida Marlins                          10/1

Cincinnati Reds                        10/1

Atlanta Braves                         12/1

Houston Astros                        18/1

Colorado Rockies                       20/1

San Diego Padres                      22/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                     25/1

Washington Nationals                50/1


Wow, the World Champs at 5/1. That’s a nice play. Too low: Brewers and San Francisco. Great long shot, the Reds at 12/1. Padres should be 100/1.



                                       Odds To Win 2009 American League Pennant


New York Yankees                        8/5

Boston Red Sox                            9/5

Los Angeles Angels                       7/2

Cleveland Indians                         3/1

Detroit Tigers                              4/1

Chicago White Sox                       4/1

Minnesota Twins                          5/1

Tampa Bay Rays                          6/1

Oakland Athletics                        10/1

Seattle Mariners                         10/1

Texas Rangers                           15/1            

Kansas City Royals                     18/1

Baltimore Orioles                         25/1

Toronto Blue Jays                       30/1


No surprise with the top two but the Rays at 6/1 is what is called a great overlay. Quite surprised at the Indians at 3/1, but I picked them to win the AL Central. The Mariners belong with the Padres.



           2009 Pro Baseball Championship  ( Imagine they don’t call it the World Series)


Chicago Cubs                     2/1

New York Yankees              3/1

Boston Red Sox                  7/2

New York Mets                   5/1

Cleveland Indians                5/1

Los Angeles Dodgers            6/1

Los Angeles Angels              7/1

Chicago White Sox              7/1

Detroit Tigers                    8/1

Philadelphia Phillies             10/1

Minnesota Twins                10/1

Tampa Bay Rays                12/1

Arizona Diamondbacks        18/1

Seattle Mariners                20/1

Florida Marlins                   22/1

Milwaukee Brewers            22/1

St Louis Cardinals              25/1

San Francisco Giants         25/1

Oakland Athletics              25/1

Atlanta Braves                  25/1

Cincinnati Reds                 30/1

Houston Astros                 40/1

San Diego Padres              40/1

Texas Rangers                  45/1

Kansas City Royals             50/1

Colorado Rockies               50/1

Toronto Blue Jays              60/1

Pittsburgh Pirates              75/1

Washington Nationals        100/1

Baltimore Orioles              100/1


So there you are. If you look to have the same two teams in the Series this year, if you take the Phillies you get 10/1 and even better if you like the Rays how about 12/1.

Keep in mind there is a saying here in Vegas from the locals. They will tell anyone that these casinos were not built on winners.


Next from Vegas (Rich)  2009 Pro Baseball Home Run Title.


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