UFC 156: 5 Reasons You Can't Miss Edgar vs. Aldo

Jeffrey McKinneyContributor IIIFebruary 2, 2013

UFC 156: 5 Reasons You Can't Miss Edgar vs. Aldo

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    It may not be a super fight that involves Anderson Silva, but Frankie Edgar vs. Jose Aldo is indeed a superfight. Tonight at UFC 156, we will finally get to see two of the greatest lighter weight fighters meet as they will fight for the UFC featherweight title. 

    It will be Edgar's first time testing the waters at 145 lbs. 

    Although he was always undersized at lightweight, he found great success capturing the UFC lightweight title from BJ Penn

    But he now drops down to take on arguably the greatest featherweight fighter in MMA history. 

    If this is not enough to get you excited for this fight, keep reading to find out why you can't miss it. 

It Will Be Frankie's First Fight at 145

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    Frankie Edgar has never really had to cut weight in his career. 

    Although many saw his as being undersized for lightweight, he went on to becoming champion in the division, defeated perhaps the greatest lightweight in MMA history in BJ Penn and gave Gray Maynard his first career loss. 

    Now Edgar will fight in the weight class that many feel is more suited for him. 

    But will he have the same speed advantage that he had at lightweight?

    Will the strength of fighting off bigger guys still be there? And how will the weight cut affect him? 

    These questions will be answered tonight. 

Jose Aldo Will Be Coming off of Injury and a Long Lay off

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    The last time we saw Jose Aldo in the Octagon was January 2012. 

    This is thanks to his opponents and himself getting injured before he could have another fight.

    Although the myth of ring rust could come into play tonight, the bigger issue will be how Aldo's foot holds up because of the kicks he throws. 

    If Aldo is well prepared, Edgar will be in for a long night. 

This Is Both Men 7th Straight Title Fight

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    Both Aldo and Edgar come into this fight with a ton of championship experience. 

    Aldo has been at the top of the featherweight division since 2009, defending his title against the likes of Urijah Faber, Chad Mendes, and Kenny Florian. 

    Aldo is 6-0 in these fights with 3 knockouts and 3 unanimous decisions. 

    Despite being much smaller than his opponents, Edgar has won big at lightweight. Through six title fights, he only fought three different opponents: BJ Penn, Gray Maynard and Benson Henderson. 

    Edgar's record is 3-2-1, but the record is deceiving. The two losses were very close decision fights to Henderson. 

Both Men Are Known for Entertaining Fights

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    If you ever have doubts about lighter weight classes, just watch a Jose Aldo fight. 

    There may not be a better striker in featherweight history than Aldo. 

    From his thunderous leg kicks, knees that seem to come out of nowhere, and accurate punches, you just never know what you are going to see from Aldo. 

    Edgar on the other hand may seem to be a bit more predictable. You know you are going to get boxing, wrestling, and even some submission attempts. 

    But Edgar's so quick that it's hard to counter anything, and he has so much heart and determination that it's hard to stop his takedowns. 

    Edgar also knows how to come back after taking a punch, which have made his fights some of the most memorable in UFC history. 

    Both men know how to keep fans on the edge of their seats, and tonight will be no different. 

It Could Be a Night of Firsts

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    There are many things that we could see in tonight's fight. 

    It's Frankie Edgar's first fight at featherweight, and it could be the first fight of a new title reign. 

    Edgar would be the third fighter to win a UFC title in multiple weight divisions. 

    He would be the first man in the UFC to defeat Aldo. 

    Aldo, on the other hand, could be the first man to defeat Edgar by knockout or submission. 

    He could also become just the third man to defeat Edgar. 

    Thanks to the fight being really close, it could also be the first time a featherweight title fight has ended in a draw.