Opening Day: America's Past Time at Its Best

Dave WalkerCorrespondent IApril 5, 2009

Tomorrow is one of the best days to be a sports fan. The championship game in NCAA basketball is on, we are one night removed from Wrestlemania (if that's your thing), and most importantly, it is opening day.

Opening day is one of those days we look forward to every year. Whether your team is looking to bounce back after a bad year, or you're looking forward to a pennant run, it all starts here at 0-0.

Opening day has been filled with magical moments. Bob Feller threw the only no hitter on opening day, and I would bet my life that this will never happen again. Karl (Tuffy) Rhodes went deep three times in an opening day Cubs win back in '94.

Plus, numerous new stadiums have been unveiled over the decades.

This year will be no different. Surely someone will come up with a memorable hit to win a game. Fans of all 30 teams will show up to the park with hope that this is their year, and fathers and sons will enjoy what is truly one of the magical events in America's favorite past-time.

This year, the only thing that could make tomorrow a little more magical would be for the new Yankee Stadium to open up. But at least we will have baseball to look forward to again. Amen.

I am not one to make accurate predictions, but what the hey.

My sleeper team this year in the NL is the Giants. I think their pitching will take them a long way. In the AL it will be the Kansas City Royals. They are due for a successful season.

My division winners are:

AL: Yankees, Twins, Athletics, and wild card the Royals

NL: Braves, Cubs, Giants, and wild card Mets.

World Series: (I am a Cubs Fan) Yankees vs Cubs.

Enjoy opening day and the 161 days that follow...