Watch Kendrick Perkins' Wife Get in Shouting Match at Nail Salon

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For as dominant as they've been for the past 13 months, the Oklahoma City Thunder just can't seem to gain any traction in the national discussions put forth by the struggling Los Angeles Lakers, the soon-to-be full strength Chicago Bulls (via or even the post-Rajon Rondo Boston Celtics.

Whether it's a matter of market size or the quiet, humble approach of the team's megastar in Kevin Durant, the Thunder's greatness is respected...from a distance.

The franchise needed a meltdown moment, something more outlandish than the media-aided feud that wasn't between Durant and teammate Russell Westbrook.

Something off the court, like at a nail salon, perhaps.

Thanks to Vanity Perkins (wife of Thunder center Kendrick Perkins) and nail technician Trang Nguyen, the Thunder finally have drawn some coverage beyond the typical, "I know they're great, but can't we talk about the Lakers instead?"

It was a textbook NBA altercation, no more than words and shoves exchanged (according to the news report on

Vanity threw some verbal assaults Nguyen's way, and Nguyen fired back some of her own. Hands were raised, then brushed aside. Kendrick even threw himself into the fray but limited his involvement to hurling a Gatorade bottle at the salon's window during the couple's quick exit.

Call it a media-induced frenzy, a non-story even.

As long as you're calling it something, that's a start for this immensely talented, under-appreciated organization.

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