Joani Harbaugh, Wife of Tom Crean Is Focused on Hoops, Not Super Bowl

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterFebruary 1, 2013

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It’s safe to say Joani Crean (Harbaugh) is familiar with the demands of a coach’s life.

Joani’s father Jack Harbaugh coached high school football for 43 years, and her older brothers Jim and John (you might remember them) are coaching in a pretty important game this weekend.

But for Joani, the wife of Indiana basketball head coach Tom Crean, it’s not the biggest athletic contest going down over the next two days.

Tom’s third-ranked Hoosiers have the first-ranked Michigan Wolverines coming to town this Saturday, and for Joani, her children and IU basketball take precedence over the Super Bowl.

Per NYTimes:

“In my mind-set, we have three games before the Super Bowl,” says Joani.

“My son has a game and he has a science test.” 

And of course, there’s the Michigan game, which Joani maintains as her foremost obligation to worry about. Things like the Super Bowl, well, like a good coach, Joani can faze that out and focus on the important matters in her orbit of life. 

“Honestly, I’m more nervous watching Tom’s games. That affects our life every day. That affects my kids going to school,” says Joani.

“I would say Jim and John’s jobs don’t affect my daily life.”

Keeping your eye on the ball, Joani. I can get with that.  

Beat Michigan first, then worry about cheering on your big bros in NOLA.


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