Bobby Lashey: Are You The Ultimate Fighter?

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Bobby Lashey: Are You The Ultimate Fighter?

When it comes to the world of MMA, your either in it to win it or just get out while you can.

You have to put forth your best effort, give it all you got, and you can't be all talk (Kurt Angle). If you want to make it to the top of the MMA ladder, you have to showcase your skills and prove your self to the fans.

This is exactly what Bobby Lashley is doing, from Pro Wrestling to the hard hitting MMA world Lashley continues to prove why he belongs in the sport. Although his last fight was not as impressive, you can't doubt that with more training and more experience Lashley will be a force to reckon with.

After the huge success of Brock Lesnar which ultimately led him to a Heavyweight title shot, many pro wrestlers have tried to jump on the MMA train.

But none have shown more interest and dedication than Bobby Lashley. In a recent interview on ESPN's MMA Live, Lashley talked about his desires and what he want's to ultimately achieve in this sport.

"I think appearing on 'The Ultimate Fighter' would be something great. I saw that, and they said, 'Heavyweights,' and I was like, 'Yeah, let's jump on it.' I think it would be great because what I'm trying to do right now is prove myself," said Lashley.

"And on 'The Ultimate Fighter,' you have to prove yourself. I talked it over with my management and my trainers and everything, and they have mixed opinions on it—if I should go there, or if I should stay out and do different fights."

A lot of fighters would't take a chance at that, but this shows how dedicated Mr. Lashley is to the sport.

Not only would this be great for Lashley, if Lashley were to go to TUF it would benefit the UFC as well. Lashley has the appeal and everything to make the TUF ratings explode. Bobby Lashley would be able to get tips from UFC veterans, and mainly increase is experience and grow as a fighter as many have in the past (Griffin, Evans, and Bisping).

So will we see Bobby Lashley making a tear on the The Ultimate Fighter? Only time will tell but if he does it will be a great experience not just for him but for MMA fans around the world.

Heck maybe we will see Lesnar vs Lashley in the near future.

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