My Top 10 Sleaziest People in Sports

Sean SerritellaCorrespondent IApril 5, 2009

TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 31:  Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones attends the 3rd Annual Saturday Night Spectacular hosted by Kevin Costner and Michael Strahan and presented by American Airlines and Texas Energy Holdings at T Pepin Hospitality Center on January 31, 2009 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Tim Boyles/Getty Images)

Number 10: Allen Iverson Basketball Player


We talking about, PRACTICE man, practice. What are we talking about? PRACTICE??


Number 9: Mike Francesca WFAN radio personality


This guy is a boring, dull, arrogant, flip flopping, hating, contradicting, phony, lying, lard ass. I have no clue how he still has fans. All he does is repeat himself and he’s really fat too.


He said that he’ll always be number 1 on sports talk radio as long as he’s sitting there on his big butt.


One time a caller called in and asked Mike about the Mets trading for trading Bradon Inge and Mike the Repeater said “I like Inge a lot” about a million times.


What so sleazy about Mike though is that he didn’t want to sit on radio row during the Super Bowl because the Mad Dog was going to be there so he set up camp down the street at a hotel expecting all the guests come to him.


What happened to all the crying you did when the Mad Dog was on the show the last day Mike? What a phony you are!


Number 8: Stephon Marbury Player for the Boston Celtics


Is a loser every where he goes. His team lost in Minnesota, was traded. His team lost in New Jersey, was traded. His team lost in Phoenix, was traded. His team lost in New York, was traded. See the pattern here people? Now he’s in Boston and Boston will most likely lose.


He put a message on his sneaker while in New Jersey that read, “All Alone.” He’s a drama queen and his contribution to society is being a momma’s boy. He’s always hanging out with his mom. That’s why us fans in New Jersey call him, Stephon “MomBaby.”


Number 7: NBA Commissioner David Stern


I don’t care what anyone says, David Stern fixes basketball games. He’s really arrogant and he pisses me off. Remember Lakers-Kings game 6 in the 2002 playoffs? I’ve never seen so many bad calls in my life. I’ve heard that Stern wants big city teams to be in the NBA Finals so the NBA could make the most profit. Big proof of this is the Tim Donaghy scandal.


Number 6: Sean Avery Hockey Player


This guy has no class. Two hockey players were dating two of his ex girlfriends and he said “I just want to comment on how it's become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds.” Enough said. Next!


Number 5: Jerry Jones Owner of the Dallas Cowboys


I don’t like Jerry Jones as a GM. He traded his number 1 and number 3 pick in the draft this year for bust Roy Williams.


He ran Jimmy Johnson out of town because his “feelings” got hurt because Jimmy said something he didn’t like. Oh, boo hoo to you.


Want to know why he’s sleazy though? His face! What the heck IS that? What did he do to it? Is he trying to look like Joan Rivers?? Talk about being a self centered, pompous, ego maniac. Does he think he looks handsome with those surgically tucked eyes? Sorry Jerry, epic fail!


Number 4: Bill Bellichick Coach of the New England Patriots


I’d like to officially announce that all the Super Bowl wins the Patriots have don’t count. This guy has filmed every team’s practice that he’s played against so he could steal their signals. I’ve always wondered how the Patriots looked so prepared for their games. They should boot him out of the league! He’s a disgrace to every thing the NFL stands for!


Number 3: Terrell Owens Football Player for the Buffalo Bills


Where to start with this clown?


Insinuated that his quarterback while on the 49ers, Jeff Garcia was gay.


Cried like a little girl because the Eagles wouldn’t recognize his 100th touchdown. Cried like a little girl because he felt some Cowboy teammates, notably Tony Romo and Jason Witten had a conspiracy against him.


He slams the football he scored with on the Dallas Cowboys star like he's some sort of hero.


He does push ups in his drive way hoping that some one will actually care.


And if things don't go his way, he just, cries.


Number 2: Scott Boras Super Baseball Agent


This guy is a disgrace to baseball. Every time I see his face, it makes me want to vomit.


He changed the way the amateur baseball draft is by having amateur players only accept huge signing bonuses even though these players aren’t proven.


He tried to upstage the 2007 World Series by announcing that A-Rod is opting out of his contract.


I heard this loser has a gym where all of his clients work out and he has all the newest training techniques. I can only guess what these techniques are. Probably the steroid technique!


Number 1: Alex Rodriguez


Sure, Alex Rodriguez has lied about taking steroids then lied about lying. Then he admitted it. He’s said Derek Jeter is not a leader like himself. He took a picture of himself kissing a mirror but that’s not why he’s number one on my list.


Alex Rodriguez is the number one sleaze for dating Madonna. You know, the Madonna that slept with every male and female celebrity in the 80’s?


Alex, Madonna is 50 years old! 50! You are a good looking guy! You can’t find some one younger than her? She looks like Skeletor!


Come on A-Rod. You can’t find a young female celebrity in her 20’s to date? What about Hilary Duff or Jessica Simpson? What about models like Adriana Lima or Megan Fox? And if you want to drop down to your own level of sleaze, there’s even Lindsay Lohan to date!


A-Rod, pay, ATTENTION!



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