Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Best and Worst of Leaked Ads Thus Far

Tyler ConwayFeatured ColumnistFebruary 1, 2013

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While NFL fans will spend the day after Super Bowl XLVII talking about the big plays that gave the Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers a championship, most water cooler talk on Monday will likely surround what happens in between the game action. 

And, no, I'm not talking about the incessant Ray Lewis or Harbowl storylines. I am, of course, speaking of the yearly phenomenon known as Super Bowl commercials. 

For most people watching the game, the Super Bowl stopped being about football long ago. It's a social event that gives people an excuse to get together with friends, have a few drinks and food while the game plays in the background.

The commercials are a common ground where the football novice and expert can converse with about the same level of expertise. 

Nevertheless, as the internet continues to sway how we view things in culture, you no longer have to wait until Super Sunday to view the ads. Most companies have leaked their commercials by now, hoping to rack up YouTube views and get good word of mouth before the game even begins.

For some companies, this strategy paid off big time. For others, not so much. With that in mind, let's take a look at a few notable leaked commercials, pointing out the best and worst given early release thus far.


The Best

Kate Upton Washes Mercedes-Benz in Slow Motion

OK, well, maybe the title of this ad is a little misleading. Upton, who has become arguably the most famous model in the world and beloved by just about every red-blooded man on the planet, doesn't actually wash the car in a traditional sense.

She's more of a supervisor as men in football jerseys distractedly wash the company's new CLA product while Upton plays with her hair. 

Mercedes-Benz gets credit for poking fun at the traditional "here's a pretty girl, now ogle her" ad companies oftentimes use to garner attention. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Go Daddy.)

But let's not kid ourselves. You could have thrown Upton in a commercial with a rubber chicken and even Dr. Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory would put it in his YouTube queue. In other words, Upton equals automatic win in 2013. 


Taco Bell Game Day Commercial

Like the previously mentioned "pretty girls being ogled" trend, the whole old people acting like teenagers trope is a well that commercials go to way too often. Nonetheless, this year's Taco Bell ad for the Super Bowl is just strange enough that it feels fresh.

It's not reinventing the wheel or anything. Taco Bell simply did the "old people go wild" trope better than any company has in recent memory. Old people making out at a club? Yep, just awkward enough to make me let out a chuckle. 

Or perhaps I'm just swayed by the initial elderly gentleman's resemblance to Larry David. I'm biased in that way.



Yeti Attacks Dude for His Wheat Thins

Truth be told, Spicy Buffalo Wheat Thins sound pretty good. And considering just about every good Super Bowl party across the world will have some variation of hot wings being served, the Super Bowl would be a perfect place to push the product.

Well, that is until Nabisco decided to promote the Buffalo Wheat Thins with this abomination of a commercial. First, you have the immature, petulant husband who must protect his $3 box of Wheat Thins against all intruders.

Exasperated with the inane qualities of her husband, the man's wife shuts off the kitchen light and smartly decides to go to bed.

Then Yeti shows up. Oh, OK.

I'm guessing if the director's vision was "make a 30-second Kevin James movie" then he succeeded. But for most of those in the audience, this commercial will be met with deadpanned silence.


Volkswagen Gets Some Jamaican Flavor

Ever since this commercial was leaked by the famous car company, it has been met with massive amounts of controversy. USA Todaythe San Jose Mercury News and The Daily Mail have all come out with scathing reviews of the commercial, claiming its use of "Jamaican" accents is racist. 

Whether or not viewers at home will think it's racist is a personal decision. I'm not offended, but it admittedly would take a lot for me to expel any emotion over a television commercial.

Either way, most can agree that it's in extremely poor taste.

What's more, it's not remotely funny. There may be one person from each Super Bowl party will have one guy or gal who thinks the ad is hilarious and will walk around doing their best Jamaican accent impression. That person is also likeliest to need a designated driver at the end of the game and was likely only invited out of obligation. 

No matter which way you slice it, Volkswagen released a massive dud here.