Rain Plays Spoilsport at Malaysian GP, And Jenson Button Sails to Another Win

Daniel GoochAnalyst IApril 5, 2009

This year's Malaysian Grand Prix was been stopped after a thunderstorm hit the circuit.

The race was suspended after 31 laps because of the serious conditions on the track. Cars were spinning wildly off the track even under safety car conditions.

Thunder and lightening, streams of water on the track and the lack of light all contributed to the decision.

A number of lightening bolts hit the marvelous grandstand, stopping TV transmission for a few seconds.

The race took place late in the afternoon. This was controversial because if the light levels drop too low, it would be very dangerous for the drivers.

There was a lot of confusion (especially with the BBC commentators) about what was going to happen and about the rules.

The drivers had to sit in the pouring rain on the pit straight for 53 minutes, while the top dogs deliberate on what to do.

There decision was to call off the race and award the point scores, half the points. This is because they did not complete 75% of the race.

Many cars were in the pits when the race was halted. This meant that the final positions would be taken from the results of the last completed lap. This was not good for a few drivers.

Lewis Hamilton got caught up in the confusion. "I was fifth wasn't I? Wasn't I fifth?", but then found out he had been demoted to 7, "Oh, seventh. I heard I was fifth."

Jenson Wins

British driver, Jenson Button has won his first consecutive victory in his career. After the Australian Grand Prix, he was looking forward to the Malaysian GP.

Driver's Comments

"It's too dark to race" - Trulli

"This is not a race" - Mark Webber.

"The visibility is nothing." -Alonso

"We could have a serious accident if we restart." -Alonso (again)

"What a crazy race, it really was." - Jenson Button


Final Standings

1. J Button

2. N Heidfeld

3. T Glock

4. J Trulli

5. R Barrichello

6. M Webber

7. L Hamilton

8. N Rosberg


[Pictures, Standings and Quotes from BBC Sport - F1]