WrestleMania 25! What's the Worst That Could Happen? An Easy Read

Blue ChipCorrespondent IApril 5, 2009

The worst thing would be if this article was right.I am looking forward to tonight's P.P.V. This looks as if, WrestleMania will be the greatest event of all time.

Just like when I wrote the Royal Rumble article we will examine the worst outcomes of WM25.

I will also include my predictions if they differ. I will indicate a prediction with a "P-" and a worst thing, with a "W-" I hope none of my predictions would come true. There would be no surprises.

Well, getting to it:

Chris Jericho vs. WWE Legends

P - Chris Jericho wins, but is then beaten down by Ric Flair. or at some point the Hulkster steps in.

W - The legends beat him down, with the eventual help of Mickey Rourke.


25-Diva Battle Royal

W - This would go on as planned, and Michelle McCool or Maryse would win.

P - Gail Kim wins and Santino would only make an appearance. (I hope he wins) Oh yeah, it will be a relatively short match. Also, this becomes an annual event/crown.


WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions (Unified Tag Team Championship Lumberjack Match)

W & P - A lumberjack gets involved, and Miz and Morrison win.


Intercontinental Champion JBL vs. Rey Mysterio

W - JBL tries to do something history making, but it ends like a Cena attempt to make history on Raw. JBL loses the title and is somehow humiliated.

P - Mysterio wins, but is unmasked (Last time he was unmasked, he looked like a kid).


Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker

W - Shawn Michaels wins and/or somehow uses the stage as another chance to preach.

P - Undertaker devastates Shawn, with a 17-0 streak and somehow "Mr. WrestleMania" still manages to make a great spectacle.


Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy (Extreme Rules Match)

W - Matt and Jeff have a short, usual match similar to Jeff's previous extreme rules matches on SmackDown.

P - Matt wins and the two put on a hell of a show.


Money in the Bank Ladder Match

W - Two people win, they both get the spoils of the match and it is short

P - Kane takes it. I would love it if Christian won, but the problem is..we all would.


World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs. John Cena vs. Big Show (Triple Threat Match

W- John Cena wins the title, only because of the love triangle.

P- Vicki turns on one of the two (in the triangle) and the other wins.


W - The match is going as planned, then the Legacy or McMahons change the course of the match...live performances (Kid Rock) and un-wrestling related stuff, take up too much time, taking time out of these great nine matches. and finally, nothing I haven't mentioned.
P- Legacy and McMahons both make appearances, then somehow find a way to keep the match between the two stars.
Other Predictions: Hulkster, maybe The Rock, show up in some capacity. but most definitely the McMahon family and Stone Cold (too predictable), and McMahons love the spotlight. At some point, JR and King reunite to announce.
Also, a wrestler somehow makes a comeback (RVD, Batista, a guy from TNA...).