The Dumbest Conspiracy Theories in Sports

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The Dumbest Conspiracy Theories in Sports
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There are only a few segments of life and society more ripe for conspiracy theories than sports. All of the critical elements needed to fuel skepticism and suspicion of the official narrative are present—secretive institutions and power-brokers, vast amounts of money changing hands, heated rivalries and seemingly improbable events.

What makes the sports universe unique is that its history is peppered with conspiracies that turned out to be all too real.

The 'Black Sox Scandal', MLB steroids era and former NBA referee Tim Donaghy's point shaving scheme are just a few examples of sports conspiracies that give fans and reporters a good reason to question the status quo. Unfortunately, this environment—with an assist from the rise the Internet and social media—tends to cloud the mind rather than offer any real clarity.

Despite some of the more extraordinary scandals and schemes that have been rumored, if not proven, the simplest explanation is almost always the closest to the truth; even if it's the unsatisfying answer. And, for every conspiracy that's been proven, there are dozens which are nothing but intriguing or silly legends.

Some of the more infamous conspiracies have stubbornly persisted over the years, even if no evidence has ever surfaced to support them—they live on in the face of reason.

These are the dumbest conspiracy theories in sports. 

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