The Worst Super Bowl Ads Ever

Nick DimengoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 1, 2013

The Worst Super Bowl Ads Ever

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    Each year millions of people cram around the TV for a chance to get the best seat in the house for the Super Bowl.

    We all host parties, drink the beverage of choice and watch intently at what's going on—and that's just for the commercials!

    Regardless of your team being in the big game or not, we all critique the hell out of each and every commercial.

    These are the ones that failed us.

Bud Light (1989)

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    With any Super Bowl, we all know there's going to be a fair share of beer commercials.

    Sometimes they deliverOther times they don't.

    But while we debate which ones are actually good, can someone please even describe what in the hell the Bud Bowl even is?

General Motors (2007)

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    We're not sure what's worse?

    GM running this depressingly stupid commercial about a robot who dreams up losing its job and kills itself, or that the poster of this video on YouTube actually wrote in the description, "My favorite Super Bowl commercial?"

    This should never be anyone's favorite ad. Ever.

Skechers (2011)

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    Sex might sell, but getting Kim Kardashian as your spokesperson might be the first mistake Skechers made here.

    The second one?

    Running this commercial.

    No 20-something year old girl is wearing their shoes, so why even waste the money to try and convince them otherwise?

    Just stick to teenagers.

Pepsi (2012)

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    Just because a company spends a ton of money on talent, doesn't mean the finished product will always work out—right Laker fans?

    So while this ad certainly brought out all the stars and had a huge production value, it just doesn't really do it for us.

    Besides, we prefer Coke anyway.

Bud Light (2012)

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    We think it's fitting that Bud Light decided to use Kanye's "Runaway" to help promote their new product.

    For the simple reason that when you think about drinking this stuff, you'll want to runaway.

    We're beer drinkers, don't try to disguise this garbage as a brew.

Gillette (2006)

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    We honestly can't stand shaving commercials, and if you're a guy, you can probably agree.

    People have had to shave since the second a human was breathing air, so please Gillette, don't try to make it seem like there's any possible way to make it more enjoyable.

    Go ahead and spend money on athletes to endorse, but we'll just stick to our electric razor.

Doritos (2011)

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    How do you make one of the more awkward, unfunny ads to ever air on Super Bowl Sunday?

    Get a guy who kind of resembles that McLovin' kid from Superbad—four years later—and have him lick the fake cheese off other dudes' bodies.

    Yeah, that will really be a hit with viewers! (2000)

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    In the year 2000, maybe everyone thought having an expert who could help you with everything you ever needed was a good idea.

    Nowadays, we just call it Google.

    Seeing that the company went out of business soon after this little ad hiccup, well, these "geeks" are probably trying to work for Google now.

Norwegian Cruise Line (1994)

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    It's in black and white.

    It's slow.

    It requires you to read text to follow along.

    To put it bluntly, it's the type of commercial you get up to grab a round of drinks for everyone to.

Go Daddy (2005)

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    The girl's definitely a dime-piece.

    But besides that, what's great about this commercial? We have the Internet to fill that void for us.

    We could have probably just made an entire list of the "controversial" GoDaddy commercials that seemingly air every Super Bowl, but we couldn't bare watching them all to even compile it.

Groupon (2011)

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    Maybe it's just the insensitivity that rubs us the wrong way with this ad, or just the fact there were so many other routes a company like Groupon could have gone in, but the message is dumb.

    Parodying something like Ray Lewis crying? Funny.

    Trying it with an impoverish country from your CEO's desk? Not sure it works as well.

Sales Genie (2008)

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    There's very few times when we're at a loss for words, but congratulations to Sales Genie for accomplishing something we never thought would happen.

    Cartoon pandas with lame attempts at humor? You've got to be kidding.

Noxzema (1973)

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    Broadway Joe definitely had his fair share of regrettable moments, but filming an ad purposely for the Super Bowl in which he says, "He's about to get creamed," had to be up there.

    It's great he got to work with every dude's perfect woman, Farrah Fawcett, but not even letting her rub her hands all over our face would make us want to film this.

    Admittedly, if we saw this now though, we'd probably love it.

Just for Feet (1999)

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    Want to know how badly this commercial was received? Enough for us to have to look long and hard to even find the video for you to see it.

    Yep, when an ad gets completely wiped-off the face of the interwebs, you know it's miserable.

    As if the bad press it received following its airing wasn't enough.

Macintosh Lemmings (1985)

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    Maybe it's because we've been spoiled by all the high-tech stuff that's in our everyday life—as we type on our Mac, while reading a text on our iPhone and charging our iPod—but this commercial just doesn't have the appeal it probably had back then.

    Though it probably received great reactions when it came out, nowadays, it's just creepy.

Miller Lite (1990)

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    What do you get when putting Bull from "Night Court," Norm from "Cheers" and Spanish actress Charo together?

    A commercial that is so unorganized, you forget it's about selling beer and not the delicious slice of pizza the head coach is about to devour.

McDonald's (1990)

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    We're all for simplicity, but boring? Well, that's not really our thing.

    So when the folks at McDonald's thought it be a good idea to use the town of Homer, Alaska in their ad, that probably should have been their first hint that it wasn't going to get rave reviews.

    Add in the fact it was targeted specifically for the two Super Bowl team's that year—Niners and Broncos—and it's even more confusing.

AT&T (1996)

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    Here's a quick newsflash for what people absolutely don't want in a good Super Bowl commercial—lots of talking.

    What makes a good ad is something fresh, witty and to the point.

    If the Super Bowl were filled with a ton of old people watching, than AT&T may have succeeded with this campaign.

    Unfortunately for them, it's not.

SoBe Life Water (2008)

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    Pretty girl? Check.

    Lizards Dancing? It can work.

    Choice of Song? Spot on.

    But putting it all together to try and make a Super Bowl commercial? Ehh....

Holiday Inn (1997)

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    Want to know how bad and offensive people thought this commercial was?

    Awful enough that it actually never aired again.

    Looks like the company spent billions in hotel renovations, and wasted a cool two-mill for 30-seconds of debauchery.