WWE 2009 Hall Of Fame Report

Christi LottCorrespondent IApril 5, 2009

Ricky Steamboat and Stone Cold Steve Austin are my favorite wrestlers of all time. Steamboat was my favorite when I was a child and Austin has been my favorite since I was a teenager.

It's so interesting to have their speeches one after the other while knowing that Steamboat's last match was with Austin.

I enjoyed Ricky's speech. It's great to hear somebody talk about how it was back in the days, and you could tell he was truly humbled by the award. I liked his story about Triple H, because that's how it used to be when you got to see a wrestler you liked.

You asked them about the business and how things were; treated them with respect. Hearing him and Flair talk about each other is heartwarming, as you can tell they know they wouldn't be where they are without each other.

It was also great to hear him point out Chris Jericho and Mickey Rourke as it added needed excitement for Wrestlemania tomorrow.

Stone Cold was of course the highlight. While I personally would've like to have seen Bret Hart induct him, it made sense that the one who truly made him and was his best "dance partner," Vince McMahon be the one.

I really enjoyed Steve's speech. The most I enjoyed about it was that he didn't call out anyone specifically. Instead, he thanked the fans for always being there for him despite everything and always embracing him.

That's something that truly showed why Stone Cold was and is so beloved. He was always about entertaining. Not about showboating, or kissing up to fans or putting us down.

He always knew he was nothing with wrestling fans, and tonight he went out of his way to say thank you. I'd have loved to hear him go on forever and maybe even talk about specific matches, but it was to the point. It was Stone Cold.

I don't get the giving a beer to John Cena. I guess it's supposed to be some kind of symbolic moment, but it came off forced and didn't make sense. You could hear that it must've shown on there screens there because there was some booing.

All in all, a great night for WWE TV, and it added some real excitement for Wrestlemania 25.