Who Are the 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates? Roster Breakdown

Jim SimmonsContributor IApril 5, 2009

At this point, I want to take a look at the 25 man roster.

Position by Position break down and what I expect from each of them.

So lets roll! 


Ryan Doumit Will hit for average, and increase his power numbers this year. Needs to stay healthy

Jason Jaramillo -An excellent defensive catcher, might hit a little.  Should get 150- 200 AB’s spelling Doumit


Adam LaRoche -He’ll start better than past seasons, and be traded away before the All Star break.

Andy LaRoche -Should hit with a little power, He wont have a breakout season, but will be good enough to keep the job

Freddy Sanchez -He’s baaack! Freddie is healthy and will return to form as a hitting machine.

Ramon Vazquez - fills in nicely in the filed on days off for the starter, hits a little.

Jack Wilson - Jack is the heart and soul of this team. Expect Jack to continue his defensive wizardry. Hit bat will stay active and help keep the Pirates in games.


Eric Hinske -Finds plenty of playing time on this team. Gets plenty of AB’s. might end up leading this team in HR’s and RBI.

Nate McLouth -National League pitchers catch up with Nate a little bit. McLouth continues to be a solid defender, but his offensive production slips.

Craig Monroe -Monroe gets his ABS on this team as well. He’ll put up some power numbers, but wont keep his average up enough to get solid playing time.

Nyjer Morgan -Probably loses playing time because of his offensive production. Solid with the glove, but not enough pop to keep Hinske and Monro off the pine.

Brandon Moss -Brandon has his break through season for the Pirates, makes the All Star team (someone has to go...).


Paul Maholm -Billed by the Pirates as the No. 1 starter. Isn't a true No. 1, but a decent No. 2 and a great No. 3. Will have a good season.

Ian Snell -His k/bb ratio has been headed the wrong direction, Kerrigan helps Ian return to form. Expect more wins than losses and an ERA around 4.50

Zach Duke -Speaking of returning to form, Duke finally has his mechanics back, and the Pirates will get rewarded with 15 wins from the crafty lefty.

Ross Ohlendorf -Ross will be a good No. 3 starter at some pint in his career. Not this season. Look for Ross to struggle.

Jeff Karstens- Karstens isn't going to stay in the rotation long. The Righty ends up in the Bull Pen in middle relief and excells.


Sean Burnett -has found a home as a situational reliever.

Matt Capps -Solid reliever, gets more save opps this season and shows that hes the closer everyone wants him to be.

Jesse Chavez -Jessie is a filler until Meek gets stretched out and fills this spot. (Meek fills a huge hole in the pen)

John Grabow -Grabow has another quality season, and gets shipped off at the All Star break.

Craig Hansen- Good stuff, has a decent season. Looks good for the future.

Donald Veal -Huge (rule V) pick up. Keeps the ball in the park and the Bucs in the game!

Tyler Yates -replaces the pitching machine for batting practice, Keeps the opposition in the game…


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